How 'far' have you gone during an astral projection?

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I mean far, as in how intense have they gotten, also the actual meaning of far… as in how far from your body. How real did it feel?

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Laptop Jesus

I was very excited to travel to London but I ended up in a Pizza Hut, so that was pretty depressing.

Tuff Girl

From my retina to my optical nerve. I’m really inside myself.
But this one time I saw golden structures which sort of resembled castles, and sanguine vistas.

All the good names are taken

not that real


I reached already the 8th sense and improved a lot my microcosmo, but I’m working hard on reaching the 9th sense.

Boba Fett

Your imagination can take you as far as you like. Astral projection is imaginary.


About 5 feet from my bed. As soon as I realized I wasn’t in my body I freaked out. It happened only once when I was about 15 years old. It was pretty intense and I woke up. It seemed pretty real and at that time I didn’t know anything about astral projection.


I went about two miles away. It was at night. I floated. No one could hear me or see me. It was both strange and a little scary. Every time I got really scared, I was immediately jerked back into my body.

The Heretic

It felt very real, but once it spiraled past my toilet bowl, I could not track it any further – oops sorry, I thought you said as*tral..

I Am I Was

Haven’t because I prayed to God to protect me from evil. And that’s a wiccan belief not mine.

Tom I

This might sound a bit nitpicky, but “far” only really applies to etheric (RTZ) projection – astral projection proper can take you to entirely different realms of existence, so distance back to your body ceases to be a meaningful concept for them. A very long way!
“Real” can also mean two things when you’re projecting…some of my experiences have been amazingly vivid and immersive but not even remotely realistic – cartoon worlds if you like. Others have seemed profoundly physical despite having barely any visual quality at all.


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