how far can you go with the astral projection?

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i want to use the astral projection to “visit” someone who lives in another country, can I do that?

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Rachell C

yes. its not like you have to walk there, you will yourself there.

Uncle Thesis

The Bible says Moses tied his ass to a fence and walked for miles!


nowhere….humans cant fly yet..

Sadhara Satguru

It is an advanced Psychic Exercise/Practice. Yogi’s an spend their whole lives in pursuit of true Astral Projection.


You better be careful. I heard someone give their account of going out of the earths atmosphere and was attacked by other spirits and almost didn’t get back. Buy a plane ticket instead.


You can’t go anywhere. Astral projection is just nonsense.

Lilith Raven

Well done, saves on the old carbon footprint huh?…


LLogic suggests a webcam


It’s an interesting concept. I’m not sure if other people can see you, though – unless they’re also doing astral projection.


You would be able to go to another country if you astral project but noone would be able to see you unless they are astral projecting aswell.


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