How exactly would I get into a profession in parapsychology?

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I live in minnesota and I’m not sure what kind of training I’d need. Is there anything even accredited to this field?
And can you do this as a full time thing or do most usually pursue it as a starving artist passion?

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Lily B

Yes, some universities have parapsychology courses as part of a psychology major, or you can write your finishing paper in this field. However interesting and challenging the field may seem, it is still the most discriminated (i.e. considered ‘false science’ by many), therefore it’s hard to earn a living by working in this department. You can do it as a full-time thing by becoming a professor and teaching at psychology colleges.


Probably the best bet is to undertake a psychology course. From there it may be possible to study why some people are prone to beliefs in parapsychology. But there are no pure parapsychology degrees, because there is insufficient evidence to warrant this field have any credibility.


It’s very difficult,most Universities and colleges consider it nonsense.For good reason in my opinion.By most,I mean virtually all.


Buy yourself a crystal ball and a pointy hat.


Get fat, smoke a lot of cigars until you have a raspy voice and wheeze like Brenda Vicaro, make unreasonable outlandish claims and appear on Montel. It worked for Sylvia Browne.
Or, you could outright lie, and make predictions after an event has already taken place as Jeane Dixon did.


Men in Black and Ghost Busters are good training films. Oh, and Amityville Horror as well. Seriously though, I don’t believe there is an accrediated organisation.

Sandy G

Don’t waste your life. Parapsychology is a fake science. So unless you want to be a fake, or spend your life studying other fakes, it is a waste of time.


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