How exactly is moses' rod and burning bush related to kundalini?

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I need a detailed answer on the symbolism, rather quickly too. Please???!!! and u may as well toss in any other christian symbolism for kundalini if you know any. I can only find sites that scratch the surface. So give me what ya got please…
I just realized how sexual sounding my question was, lol! O.k, i mean moses’ snake rod- wait- ok, his staff… no.
It’s a real spiritual question, really! I’m just having difficulty making it NOT sound dirty… but really, i need some real answers 🙂

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2 of Us

a rod and a bush. hmm, sounds like symbolism, wonder what that could mean.

Mr. G.

that …. my firend is a good question


His rod and whose burning bush? Maybe he had the clap …

Blessed Cheese Maker [sansfear]

It is an allegory against unprotected intercourse.

Sherri Berri

I don’t know but it sounds X-rated.

Chas H

You have scratched the surface.
The bible is pregnant with pornography.
Reread the conversation between Jesus and “The Woman at the Well.”
John 4:4-42
This is occasionally discussed in graduate courses in Clinical Psychology.


For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods.


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