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How exactly does Feng Shui work?

I’m too lazy to read up on it–and am a bit short on time this week…. A summary would be fantastic!
Bought this awesome rainbow feng shui spinning hangy thing; curious as to how it will bring me ‘increased insight, peace & wisdom’.


  1. In short, it doesn’t. Watch Penn & Teller “BS” . In season one they do a segment on feng shui. They get 3 different feng shui experts to come into a house and “align the chi” and each does it differently; one even states that a layout another expert did is wrong. [ note: none of the experts were aware that others were called in or did any work] Basically they’re just a bunch of homeopathic interior decorators. And one of them was a catty little b**ch.
    The best way to make sure the spinny thing is hung correctly is to put it wherever you like it best. Just use good hardware so it doesn’t fall and hit you in the head.

  2. it is a matter of taste and flow just like you prefer things to be balanced like pictures of the same frame on each side of a focal point and if you put larger pictures higher they appear smaller with just a tilt they are larger so if you plant something make sure that if it is small it is in your view and larger plants in back and same with colors the brighter ones in back and duller ones in front this will give the area depth and as for items select plants that wont take your eye away from the say statue and maby a large plant behind it to attract your eye to it and beyond it

  3. too lazy? get a person who does fengshui professionally to do an audit of your house, it is simpler and less hassle.
    there is no such thing as a fengshui diy. thus, there is no book, no website out there that enumerates all the fengshui methods and explaining how each of them work. i, myself am studying fengshui during my sparetime, find it difficult finding a fengshui master who can teach me more about the craft.
    for more info read the wiki on fengshui, it is the nearest description of chinese fengshui i can find on the internet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fengshui


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