Home Discussion Forum How exactly do you think aliens make a crop circle?

How exactly do you think aliens make a crop circle?

i’m wondering….


  1. i dont know how they do it, but there were a few old guys that used to pick a field and take some 3 ft 2x4s with some rope and measure the distance needed to make a circle. They actually did it in like 5 hours some intricate designs. Others have followed in their footsteps now. If ya notice that most of the circles and designs are divisible by 3. The ones that arent, they make me wonder. If you research it, you will find out about those people that do it.

  2. Normally they reckon it’s because some kinda flying saucer landed in the field and flattened the stuff. But it’s probably just some guys with cheese wire and too much time on their hands.

  3. they come down and hypnotize about 50 humans and they do the walking.. after they are done they are in awe of the circle but have no recognition of doing it…. Pretty neat huh? Grant M


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