How ESP works?Anyone here have extra sensory perception?

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Do u think u have that power?Dont say if its just intuition

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There’s no real hard evidence such a thing is real.

Cocoa Dusted Love

Do you mean like a 6th sense? Hm I don’t think that is something that can be proven by hard scientific facts. Some people just ‘know’ stuff, like my friend’s granny would always know about 15 minutes before my friend would come to her house even though she wouldn’t say she was coming round. Weird, huh? I would definitely not describe that as intuition.
Intuition is just a gut feeling, not something you definitely know as in ESP. Like say some people can sense ghosts. Then its not just a gut feeling, they KNOW there is a ghost in the room.


Yes, I have! Proof: you would not select my answer as best answer for this question! Some people are saying so, that they are having ESP power but most cases are not real! Its just thier own conclusion. Its somewhat like, what we think, we will. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is the fact. For example, I would tell you one actual real story(enna achu enakku, naanum adikadi story solla aramichuten! Ellam rani madam magimai!),
one fine morning, Rahul(name is changed) wake up, as usual, when he get up,suddenly, his mother asked him, what happen to you? Why are you so dull? And he replied, nothing I m fine. Then, when he come to hall, his sister also asked the same, Rahul just confused and he continued. Then, he enters his office, the receptionist also asked him, what happen rahul? Are you suffering from fever? Why you are so dull today? He totally out of this world. Then, he went to his seat, his friends also asked the same in different ways. And finally you know what happened!?! Rahul was really suffered from fever and went back to his home after getting the permission. This is the real story experimented by the scientists by informing to everyone to ask like this except, everything depends upon our mind set.


I’ve read some case studies that make you scratch your head in wonderment, but sadly, ESP has failed every double blind study ever made.


This should explain what it is:
But you have this gift, and so do I in a different sense: the discerning of spirits:


try this…..1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5, now wait for an explaination.


E S P is occuring independently of sight , hearing and other sensary is nothing but a PARANORMAL state of a human is believed that only psychics are having that powers.Scientific world claims that even plants have the power. but opinions are divided among the scholors on this subject.Many research has been ongoing for over century in this field.But one can not dispute the fact that some humans are having some or other forms of paranormal qualities.


ESP works by tuning our brain like two way radio. You can receive and send signals through thoughts. Some time the radio tunes into distant stations (sub-conscious and super conscious mind), from where you can see things that are going to happen in future and things happened in the past (including different incarnations). When someone near and dear to your heart thinks about you, you might end up with an idea of visiting them without even knowing about their thinking. Once they see you, they will be taken by surprise and say “I was just thinking about you yesterday…”.
How did that happen? Strong wavelength of their thought process reached you and induced you to meet them in person. There is no proof in science, Science believes light travels faster than anything in Universe, I would say our thoughts travel much faster than that. Again it will take some time for science to believe this concept with proof. More research on Brain and Mind will one day reveal these secrets. Many Saints used it in history of mankind, they used such powers to help their true disciples.
I don’t have such powers! I don’t want to have such powers, otherwise I would know all the cursing you do on me! (just for fun, nothing serious, so please take it easy).


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