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The whole aim of meditation is, 1. to calm your mind, and 2. to focus the mind on one thing. It not only helps you to relax and control your thoughts healthwise it will help you to control anger – high blood pressure patients will realise that their pressure is coming under control. The mind of a normal person is like an uncontrolled monkey jumping from one thought to another. To process all these thoughts a lot of body energy is used. Thus if your mind cease to process thoughts you will be saving a lot of body energy which… Read more »


Meditation is a practice. I believe it is quite useful in relaxation and mindfulness. There are groups that you might seek out that practice meditation. Look for Satsang or Vipassana in your area. But you can do this individually as well. As stated by the other respondant, you will want to be in a quiet place where you will not be interupted. Get seated in a comfortable position in a chair or on the floor. If in a chair, put both feet on the floor and relax your hands and arms. Close your eyes. Take a moment just to feel… Read more »

jared g

you are very wise to be looking for answers–the following comes from my own experiences with similar “challenges”. meditation is a great help–review the many books, etc., available. exercise “alot”, i found jogging and martial arts big helps. anything that balances out your “internal energy” works. i.e. everything above plus chi kung, reiki, and the like. research the psychology behind the anxiety: check out *the complete idiot’s guide to toltec wisdom*, for example, so that you understand what creates the fear and tension. a wise person tries to determine how to maximize his humanness and potential for consciousness growth, rather… Read more »


Meditation is great for helping with anxieties. I started doing it last year when I moved to the dorms and was having trouble in my classes. Just start out in a sitting position on focus on just breathing. I started out for about 5 minutes each evening RIGHT before I went to bed, and now go for about 15-20 minutes a night. Things that I didn’t quite understand before I started seem a bit clearer afterwards.


meditation iz verry effective!!! the best thing to do is go outside where u are only surrounded by nature. kinda lay down and relax. make perfectly sure u are not worried about anything. think about happy things that have happened in your life. sit and do that for atleast 30-60 minutes.