How effective does the aggressive Vietnamese apply karma in western society?

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I would like to know the level of consciousness about this aspect.

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huh? (sassy & tangy)

Any chance you could clarify your question?

Christian purity

they’re not aggressive I don’t think.

Liberation from Thoughts

Vietname are agressive and the Americans are generous ? Ha, ha ha, ha. Study well. You will change the question other way.


christians i'm curious how can the brain signals that create the consciousness?

be created from the air once you die? you're brain has no activity and will deteriorate so where do the thoughts come from when...

What's the "point" in spiritual reincarnation if you don't recall past lifes, if you've had them?

I do believe in reincarnation but I don't quite get it. You don't recall anything. It's basically just being born again. Then why be...

Do you all believe that the New World Order is getting close to establishing their one world government agenda?

With the way how things are, it seems so. It will be a sad moment in history when martial law is declared and Americans...

If the second coming of Christ is an inside job, what then does that imply about the Antichrist?

If our connection to Christ (cosmic) Consciousness is within man does this imply the same for the Antichrist? A Prophet of God is called inward...

You're Rocky. You're going up against what's his face, but you're sick of "Eye of the Tiger"?

I need Inspirational pop. All right. You're Rocky. You're going up against a big boxer type guy, but you're sick of "Eye of the Tiger"...

Is astrology bad? Like does God disdain it? why or why not?

Many things have been accurately predicted through the use of stars, so if these things are coming true then why is God against it...
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