How easy is it to talk to someone, especially a Soulmate with Telepathy?

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Can you do it and if so how have you done it or have you done it at all?

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telephone is cheaper and reliable. You can’t commuicate with hocus pocus. or genies or tarot or palm readers.


There is no such thing as Telepathy. Humans sub-vocalize in VLF (Very Low Frequency) which is why you can’t pick up a TV with VLF on it any more.


Sending is easy. It’s getting the other person to receive and understand that’s hard to accomplish.


It’s like alot of things in life. For one person it may be as easy as taking candy for a baby – for another it may be impossible. Practicing is the only way you’re going to find out. Meditating, trying to connect with a friend. Start right infrotn of each other, visulize a link between you – imagine a small stand of light connecting each of you. Send messages strongly, loudly, with confidence! See if he/she recieves them. If not, try again – unless you want to give up. If it works, try spreading further apart.
Ignore those who tell you somthing isn’t real. It’s up to you to find out for yourself what exists and what doesn’t exist.

siopak d

very easy in fact you don’t need to talk because she has telepathy right the. it’ll just make your life more easy you don’t have to call her every night and day to ask her if shes OK but on the other side of the card is that you cant keep secrets from her and you cant think bad things from her for she know what your thinking sucks right

*mothernatures child*

okay it weird. I’ll be think about him, and then he’ll call right then!
or the other way around.
Today I was think about talking to him about something, and he called and invited me out to lunch!
I’m not too sure how it works, but sometimes we say the same thing’s.


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