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How early should I arrive at an Incubus concert to get a good spot in the PIT?

I am going to an incubus concert in san diego on july 9. I will be in the PIT section and was wondering if anybody knows how early i should get there to get a decent spot. The concert starts at 7pm.


  1. To me, in San Diego, you should probably get there at least 4 to 5 hours early. Make sure you get a good spot in line and then make sure you are one of the first people and you are secure. Make sure you take a leak and do anything you would normally do so you don’t have to leave the pit as often.

  2. hahahah sorry a pit at incubus is a funny idea.
    but really you only need to be first in line if you want front row against the barrier.
    other then that you can make you way up front even if your the last one in ^_^

  3. Hey, Incubus was pretty fuckin heavy in the early days. Listen to “A Different Shade of Green,” if you don’t believe me. Not Cannibal Corpse or Death heavy, but way better than the Light Grenades-stuff.
    I’d say 3 hours early will get you a good (if not great) spot.
    Oh, if you think Incubus is a joke, when I saw The Offspring at the end of may, there were people moshing to Kristy Are You Doing Ok? and Why Don’t You Get A Job? (even though it was played with guitars/bass/drums…yeah, it’s still why don’t you get a job?)

  4. Hey Scott, if you want to convince people incubus rocks…you might want to put the right song title so they can find it. “A Certain Shade of Green”
    But yeah i will be at that show, in the pit as well…and I would recommend getting there around 3 or 4 since the show starts at 7…Cricket usually does pack people in until the headlining band comes on…
    but incubus pit does jam sometimes…especially when the play pre> morning view stuff


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