how does YOGA help?

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I have heard that yoga helps in every walk of life, but I fail to understand the complex asanas, is it necessary to do all that complex poses and breathing exercises? is yoga only about these exercises or something more? does it connect to spirituality? how? and what is kundalini?
can I drink in the evening and perform yoga in the morning?

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LuLu Bell

I heard it relaxs you and helps you lose weight.

donna k

yoga strengthens the whole body core, and is great for balance and flexability , you also learn to breath and takes stress away from you , i hope this helps, its a great form of stress relief

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Read the book at You will understand. It will explain the things to you.


Yoga helps with stretching, breathing and meditation exercises. You’ll notice reduced stress and improved concentration, sleep and physical fitness. Kundalini yoga is somewhat psycho-spiritual and involves Chakras for meditation and postures, bringing into play life forces with the earth.


Try the yoga poses found on the site I listed in sources below, it might help with a more everyday approach.


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