How does yoga help a person?

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please describe how it does this.
Thanks for your answers!
how does it work?

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Relaxation mainly you concentrate on your body and it helps the blood flow better.


it relaxes yu and tkes stress away

Ross G

Another good result from yoga aside from relaxation is that it increases your flexibility.

Ade 75

He helped Luke Skywalker become a Jedi by teaching him “the force”


it gets your mind thinkin bout other things
it clears your mind because your focusing on the yoga itself


Try it once a week for a month thats the best way to find out, its quite difficult to explain.
As you become older you develop bad posture, your main muscles cramp a little and some of your postural support muscles stop working as the main muscles take over and hold the bad posture. Yoga works your muscles by stretching them and teaching you how to use them correctly. This helps correct your posture, As it begins to work your balance improves significantly as your postural support muscles start to work and your weight is centred better.
A typical yoga class consists of lots of stretches, the instructor will instruct you to position your body in unfamiliar ways, this is to isolate specific muscles. Akin to lifting a dumbell to work the bicep.
The exercises are very different to anything you are likely to have done previously and so you may find it quite hard at first but you soon get the hang of it.
When you first join a class just tell the instructor that you are new to yoga.
You should see your flexibility increase significantly, this is a bonus and not the main aim.


Yoga can help you to better concentrate, relax your nerves and it builds your mind/body equilibrium thanks for its deep breathing techniques and simple postures.. Yoga also works for a curative purpose. It relieves your physical and mental pain and gets your body shape to the next level. Because, it makes this later more flexible and tones its muscles, through the simple yet powerful movements and techniques.
You can discover more through this free yoga e-course:


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