How does Togekiss learn aura sphere, sky attack, air cutter, and extremespeed?

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On bulbapedia, it states that Togekiss “starts” with these attacks, but im wondering, how can a fully evolved pokemon “start” with moves. i dont know any pokemon that learn all 4 moves at once at the time of evolution. Ive always trusted bulbapedia, so theres obviously something im not getting here. Would anyone so kindly elaborate on how an evolved pokemon “starts” with a move?

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There is a guy in Pastoria who will tutor pokemon for move that they “forgot”. Have at least four heart scales to teach all of the attacks.


They can probably learn it from a move tutor, or their pre-evolutions can learn it from a move tutor


the “start” means that to learn the moves you need to go to move know,i trusted bulbapedia too,i love that site…you will need heart scale to learn move..


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