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How does this martial art work, I want to learn?

Check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa1nzD-n25Q is that real, I know there are a lot of different energy used in martial arts, Chinese- tai chi, India- Mantra, Japanese- ki, It blows my mind, where can you learn this, I mean which country does this come from and what style?


  1. No. Fake. Sorry. This guy has been proven to be a fraud. I can’t seem to find it, but somewhere out there is a video of this guy trying his “stun gun” technique on a trained MMA fighter that wasn’t in on the act. Needless to say, the MMA fighter kicked the dude’s ass. Hard.
    Afterward, Cameron said some bullshit like, “my energy wasn’t focusing right.” Yeah, no kidding dude.

  2. this type of martial arts is focused on pressure points and that stun gun trick is like a scare tactic, its suppose to make your body think its being attacked when its not, and when he said it works %40 of the time means that a person who is trained in martial arts can have no affect on them at all. take some kung fu lessons they teach you to strike the opponent down and you’ll know that he’ll stay down, because pressure point martial arts can sometime go wrong and its not helpful if your confronted with a person with a weapon.

  3. Well if you watched the video, I don’t know if its on this version, you see how when he tried it on people who weren’t his students, it didn’t work. Thats simply because of the power of persuasion. If you really want to believe it, your body can make it happen. This man is the pinnacle of martial arts fraud. If you try and do anything he teaches on the streets, your going to get yourself killed.

  4. I have been in and around martial arts for a very long time. In that time, I have had the opportunity to meet and know many individuals. One of these individuals was George Dillman.
    He is a decent enough guy and very dedicated to the art. It is true some of the people do have a reaction to this type of strike. Me, and a few other people I know, when George tried his techniques on us… we just stood there, as if, “Um… was something supposed to happen?
    So, as I said, in some cases, it does work. How is that possible? Ever see a christian faith healer? Ever notice how this minister will say some religiously magic words, touch someone and immediately their knees go weak, and they drop to the floor? Those same paramedics, in that video, if they went to some religious revival, they would record the identical responses in those people believing that God, through the hands of that minister, was healing their illness or malfunction. How does that happen? It is psychosomatic. The person believes in the power and their mind takes over. The mind is an amazing thing. If one believes enough, all sorts of things can happen… Including extreme physical reactions.
    Let me give you an example of how I can easily drop someone to the floor… yet, not lay a single hand on them. Think of the normal position of your hands. I am confronted. I strike with a palm heel, right towards your nose and right over your head (mind you, I have NOT made any contact.) However, you ended up on your backside… how? Simple… I screwed with your head! I completely messed up your forward momentum and threw you so far out of balance that you simply fell down! Yes, this technique does work. Does it work on everyone? Heck, no. But it does, often enough that it’s worth keeping in a bag of tricks.
    As for Dillman’s death touches and no touch knock-outs… go visit a televangelist faith healer… I think they may have gone to the same school.

  5. The guy in the video is a clown and nothing more. The kyusho jitsu he was using when striking the pressure points is real but considerably difficult to learn and difficult to find being taught by a competent instructor. The no touch stuff is called ling kong jin, and I will leave the truth to that one for you to discover on your own.

  6. Oh ya I’ve seen this crap. When it doesn’t work it’s always a non-student and the excuse is he must have cured his toe or tongue. Totally fake.

  7. Okay reviewed the tape for the millionth time to tell you not to do it and why you shouldn’t. And number one reason? It’s fake. Not more clear cut than that. First off, him and his teacher, Master (sic) Dillman can’t seem to pull this off on anyone except their own students. If you watched the video he couldn’t do it to the Jujitsu students, and in another video his teacher Master (sic) Dillman couldn’t do it to a pychologist.
    Secondly he said only 40% of the people are effected and trained athletes are the hardest… Well what does that say about his students? They must really suck then. (Master (sic) Dillman had an even lamer but much more entertaining excuse as to why it wouldn’t work. If I lift my toes up and keep lifting them, it won’t work… okay then…)
    So where does it come from? It’s the style of crap pulled from the rear end of Dumb Foo.


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