Home Discussion Forum how does the "third eye" work scientifically?

how does the "third eye" work scientifically?

how can you feel objects which are close to that part of your forehead? did we really have a “third eye” before losing it in some kind of an evolution??


  1. I think it’s mostly placebo effect. If someone were blin folded they wouldn’t “feel” anything.
    The third eye has no scientific background. It’s a term used by mystics and fortune tellers only. The scientific studies of ESP and paranormal activity ignore the mystic lingo.

  2. There is no third eye.It’s just a myth to make some people appear to be more enlightened to the mysteries and secrets of the world

  3. That reminds me of the books by Lobsang Rampa… a long long time ago…
    No, it’s all invented. No scientific proof to all that.

  4. reptiles do indeed have something called the “third eye” which corresponds to the pineal gland in humans.
    And no, the pineal gland does not see anything, but it still involved in controlling your circadian rhythm.
    Originally perceiving light helps to synchronize the circadian rhythm with the period of daylight.
    We still do the synchronization bit, but use the retina as photoreceptor (though I don’t know anything about the specifics of the connection paths in comparison human/reptile)

  5. That effect is real and the explanation is very simple: it’s our ears detecting tiny sound reflections from the surrounding environment. Around us there is always noise, although we may not perceive it consciously. But when our forehead is close to a reflecting surface, we perceive those tiny echoes, even if we are blindfolded.
    It’s a very rough version of what bats do all the time.


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