Home Discussion Forum How does the technology of religious mind control fit into evolution?

How does the technology of religious mind control fit into evolution?

Why would mind control techniques exist if evolution was a fact? How did some people know ways to create and control other peoples thinking?


  1. I think more over the fact is the aspect how can human being having such an effect on others.
    Look at such dictators like
    1.) Adolf Hitler
    2.) Omar al-Bashir, Sudan
    3.) Kim Jong-il, North Korea
    4.) Than Shwe, Burma
    I do not think that techonology nor religious indicator has an influence on that. Mind control is the power that a human is using by controlling his thoughts, his will power, his thinking and making it into a mold for the people that he is serving. Coming to my mind are above dicators of this centurys. Some part technology has an impact on the propaganda tools that they choose to take part in. To make their message known to the world. Religion seems more likely to apply to the Muslim franatics that thinking the Holy Jihad is what will bring them closer to heaven. The way’s they know how to create control , is not a matter of knowing . They just where there in a time in a position that they saw themselves fit into. The just saw a golden opportunity and made quite a fortune, a name and a name in the history book for themselves. it’s interestingly to see what these dictator have accomplished with very little help from modern technology. Look up on the internet “Modern Dictators.” Hope this helps.

  2. All life must take in food / energy. It’s a gobble or be gobbled existence on the lower levels of evolutionary progress. As lifeforms advance, they become more clever and specialized about how to capture and consume the energy tangled up in the bodies other lifeforms. Long ago, humans hunted animals and foraged for plants to eat. The stronger humans could take whatever they wanted away from other humans. That paradigm of domination and plunder became ingrained in our societies. Humanity’s rise above that savagery continues.
    We evolved to be clever enough to grow crops and corral animals. Animal husbandry (capturing and corralling animals for consumption) taught us about domestication, how to tame down beasts and change their behavior. Many dominate humans and tribal leaders used those same techniques on their own families, clans and people to control them and make them better workers. The more “effectively” that people were controlled, the more they could be used to amass energy / power for their domninator. Those techniques grew to be very sophisticated. Religion is a form of animal husbandry.

  3. The ability to induce someone to follow another human’s lead is a great example of the evolution of higher processes in the human brain.
    If one has that power of persuasion, then his genes will more likely survive to another generation.

  4. Humans are social animals. We live in groups, have always lived in groups, and have always responded to group activity. If you bang a drum or play music, humans will collectively follow the beat with each other. No other group of animals can do this, not as a group – it’s uniquely human. No other animal conforms to group behaviors as deeply or as simply as humans and this trait has served our species quite well as a huge evolutionary advantage.
    Of course, a slick individuals can manipulate this behavior because we’re such hypnosis machines – that’s why advertising works. People believe things because they want to (or they’re told what to believe, or they’re just mimicking their group’s beliefs). Once a belief is entrenched people conform to the group because that’s what we do. It’s not just religion, it’s politics, advertising, contrived want, brand loyalty – continuing belief beyond all reason.
    We’re all bozos on this bus…….


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