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How does the Subconscious mind pick up stuff faster and more thoroughly than the conscious mind?

When you see a subliminal message (1/24th of a second) so fast you can’t notice it (or what it is), even with keen eyes and trying…
Or a hidden picture (look on noneofyourbusiness06 channel’s Youtube playlist) in a cartoon or a hamburger
***Doesn’t the subconscious use the same senses as the conscious (see, hear, smell, taste..)
***So if you cant pick it up easily without trying hard, why can the subconscious mind so so ever so efficiently?


  1. The subconcious mind has the powers of long-term memory as well as short-term memory.
    The concious mind can only access memory through actual mental effort.

  2. It’s for the same reason reflexes are faster than actual directed, deliberate movements.
    You’re faster when you *don’t* have to think. And I’m using that verb, “think”, in the sense of “deliberately think of stuff”, or in the sense of active cogitation. Actively having to process your sensory data really uses a lot of your brain’s functions–it’s like running a program on your computer in the foreground, in a window *right up there* using graphics and other resources. It’s the inefficient and *expensive* way to do things, in terms of resource management.
    This is why we spend so much time learning things–not just the mental part in words but in *physical practice*, because when you *do* something often enough, like walking or tying your shoes, after a while it becomes automatic. It becomes something you can run in the *Background* on minimal resources and do *much faster*. In terms of neurobiology, you realize that your eyes are more like *brain tissue* than your peripheral nerves are, right?
    Likewise, so is your spinal cord–that bit that directs your reflexes *for you*.
    Ok then. That’s why your subconscious is faster–it’s at least one step closer to running things on minimal resources, and letting your eyes and spinal cord do the heavy lifting for you on autopilot.
    I hope this helps. ^__^


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