How does the stable critical point of the tachyon potential suggest instability of the D25-brane?

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The tachyon potential is for open string theory based on a D25-brane. The critical point has zero energy, but I don’t understand how this is evidence for brane instability.

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Stop watching too much Star Trek

Master Quark

Now here is someone I want to meet. One of the very few questions in 3 days in physics that I don’t have a clue..for sure I know what a tachyon is and a brane.
I think if you were to include the word GOD you might attract some of these religious fundamentalists. You’ll get all kinds of answers and quotes from the Bible. None of them will be correct but you might get some good laughs reading all their dribble.
Another good bet would be to hitch a ride to Cambridge, Ma. and just start skulking around MIT (don’t laugh I used to do it). Eventually somebodies going to have an answer.
Or you could try the infinite monkeys with the infinite typewriters gig (used IBM selectics are quite cheap these days) , one of them is bound to get it whitin an infinite amount of time.




heh, while you are at MIT ask them about “Dark Energy” hahhahahaahahaaahahaa


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