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How does the soul interact with the body?

The body is physical, but the soul isn’t. How does body-soul interaction occur?
And don’t tell me it’s through the Pineal Gland unless you can explain how that works.


  1. I think this is one of those God Works in mysterious ways thingys they always seem to try to explain by playing the out of context john 3:16 card…..I think Deuteronomy 13:6-10 explains it best.

  2. I have always thought that the soul is merely the electricity and energy inside of us.
    Without it, we wouldn’t be able to move, act, preach, teach, fight, love, or anything else for that matter.
    I guess you could say “Electricity Drives Life” and in my opinion, would describe what the soul is.

  3. Actually the soul is the body, that is alive when the body dies so does the soul since they are one and the same(Genesis2:7 ; 1Corinthians15:45 ;Acts27:37)
    when the body dies, the soul dies it is not immortal as some claim(Jeremiah2:34 ; Leviticus7:18 ; Ezekiel18:4)

  4. You know….I have never really thought about it.
    I suppose first you have to define what the “soul” is. Is it chemicals? Is it supernatural? Is it a gift fromt he gods or is it hard science? I suppose all of that can and does fall into personal opinion.
    I suppose I personally have no idea. LOL. And even if it is all chemicals, to me that still doesn’t rule out the divine. Science simply tells me how the gods do it. Obviously that is a personal approach. *shrug*
    There are a million answers to this. Nice question though!

  5. This can be done with the religion of the Saviour.
    Spirituality is what is learned by the religion of the Saviour in ones life. When the Saviours religion is followed by the heart it is like the sweetest fruits a spirit can have.
    If one were to ever make a choice to start following their heart this way, than they would have to leave the carnal mind out of the picture for good. Or else they could be ruined with God Almighty Himself if they turn back to the carnal mind.
    Silence the carnal mind, and it is done by the Saviours religion followed by the heart of a person. That is spirituality.

  6. God implants soul in fetus when women completes four months of pregnancy. Soul get direct revelaions from God and inner peace as well as guidance from God by reading the God’s scriptures. The guidance in last word of God Quran is the food of soul that strenthens the soul to be able to over come the desires of body. If soul is weak, body empowers sould and person does what ever he wishes. Food of body to eat every thing body wishes and drink alcohols, uses drugs that makes him high. His body enjoys such things but soul cries. He looses inner conscious and does not feel that he is comitting crimes to humanity.
    After trying to guide him so long, finally God closes his heart for receiving guidance, makes him blind and deaf and he can not receive guidance any more … spiritually speaking

  7. In Islam, there is a word called Iman, which (roughly) means belief. It is defined as follows:
    Belief in the heart has two aspects. First, it means recognizing and affirming that there is but one Creator of the universe and only to this Creator is our worship due. According to Islamic thought, this comes naturally because faith is an instinct of the human soul. This instinct is then trained via parents or guardians into specific religious or spiritual paths. Likewise, the instinct may not be guided at all.
    Second, belief in the heart includes the willingness and commitment to submitting to the truth that Allah exists and to His prescriptions for living in accordance with vicegerency. The Qur’an is the dictation of Allah’s prescriptions through Muhammad and is understood to have updated and completed previous revelation Allah sent through earlier prophets.
    Profession by the tongue in Islam means testifying that one believes in The One God – Allah – who has no partners, and indicating that one intends to be committed to adhering to the guidance and prescriptions from Allah through Muhammad. The profession of faith must be accompanied with sincere efforts to follow the guidance and prescriptions from the Quran and the way of implementation shown by Muhammad, called the sunnah.
    Belief in the heart as defined above and testimony, if sincere, naturally results in actions that are consistent with vicegerency. The degree to which belief does not flow into appropriate deeds indicate what Muslim scholars call diseases of the heart, such as arrogance, envy, greed, pride, etc. Of all aspects of iman, belief in the heart is the most important because it provides the momentum for one to manifest faith into one’s life.
    SO, belief is not complete without the Soul, limbs and tounge. The sould cannot be nourished without the actions of the body and speech.

  8. The soul isn’t separate from the body. It is the energy that keeps the body alive. The Bible never states that the soul is different from the body, but that people and animals ARE souls. If you are really interested I’ll post the verses, but if not, just give me my free cookie and milk and I’ll be on my merry way.

  9. In Genesis 1:26 God said, “Let us create man in our image”. What does this mean? The image of God is the trinity of God. That is, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost which is 3. The Father and the Holy Spirit we do not see, but Jesus the Son, we do see or rather, was seen. Adam was created in a similar way. A body, soul and spirit which is 3. The spirit and soul we do not see, but the body we do see. However, the soul is the life of the body and the spirit is the everlasting life of the soul. This spirit is not the Holy Spirit who is God in the trinity, but this spirit is the breath of life that God breathe into Adam in Genesis 2:7. When Adam sinned, this spirit lied dormant in him, meaning, it became temporarily inactive. Thus, every being born after Adam was born in sin and resulting with that spirit already lying dormant from birth. This spirit regenerates and becomes active and alive again to God when we receive Jesus. This is why Jesus spoke of a spiritual rebirthing in John 3:3-6. This same spirit is subject to enhancement and whatever happens in the life of a human. It also can be grieved. It can also grow and be strengthen through the word of God, obeying God, prayer and fasting. When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, it is in this same spirit where He lives. For the body and soul is defiled, but this spirit is pure because it comes from Him, so it is the chosen place within us for Him to make residence. Now the Soul on the other hand is the life, person and quality of a human. It is the embodiment of an intangible quality. Our emotional and moral nature. Believe it or not, the soul, intellect(mind and conscience) are one or I should say that they operate as one. Without the soul, there is no such thing as a mind or a conscience or an emotion because without the soul the body is dead. However, these are connected to the nervous system in the brain. Now, nerve cells in the brain called neurons and they are electrically excitable cells that processes and transmits information by electrical and chemical signaling, thus creating a network through signals between the brain, mind and indeed the soul. This is the interaction of the Soul, Body and Spirit of our physiological composition.


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