How does the snake charmer hypnotize the cobra and his audience? What effect does the music have? Thanks!?

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I’m sure the music is hypnotic; because I was a snake charmer, and a cobra worshiper in India, in a past life. Through “hypnotic regression” I was able to visit my past life, and do this. But I wasn’t entirely sure how I did it. I would really appreciate answers, from someone who has been around the snake charmers in India. Thanks!Or if you are a Shiva devotee, that worships the cobra, I’d love to also hear from you. Thanks!

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Nothing.. Snake does not have ears.
They just dance or wave just as the snake charmer do with the musical equipment…


The music has nothing to do with it. What happens is the snake follows the movement of the end of the flute. Taa daa!


Well, the answer to the first part of the question is that snakes are scientifically proven to be deaf! They move to the movements of the wind instrument and that slow movement is very relaxing to the sanke. About the audience i think it has somthing to do with the music and the tone and the note in which it is played.
The snake worshippers have a dance called NAGIN dance which means Snake in hindi. It is a dance performed by the dancers as a special ceremony to the king kobra. The other ritual that they follow is to kiss the head of the cobra 3 times in order to get their wish fulfilled and make the lord happy.
I am very interested on how you got the regressive hypnosis done as I want to get one too but Dunt know where I should go…I would greatly appreciate it if you guide me a little on that. You can mail me or IM on my email
With Thanks!


The snake is distracted by the bowl or whatever the put in front of the snake. It makes the snake angry and it bounces up and down. The music has no effect. They can’t hear. Also they take the fangs out of the cobra so it can’t bite. Cobras are a hardy species in India. A snake dies they get another, rip its fangs out and use it and when it dies a week or month later they get a new one. According to Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter.


bullshit. snakes cannot hear. it has nothing to do with music. the cobra fixes its eye on the instrument and moves according to the movement of the instrument. try playing mahudi with out moving. you Will get bitten.


Snakes don’t have ears, they can feel the vibrations which makes them come out to see what it is.

Rosina Chapparo

Everything about past life regression is interesting to me. I every now and then visit this blog and I really appreciate it. This article has teased my interest. I am going to remember your site and keep checking it out.


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