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How does the rapid increase in the rapid increase in world population fit in with the theory of reincarnation?

I’m just curious and trying to understand other cultures a bit better. The other thing I don’t understand is:
If you are very very good in your life you might be reincarnated right at the top as a child in a respected, rich family. If the child of one of the top families gets ill and dies, say before his or her third bithday, how can that be explained, they must have been good in there last life, to be reincarnated to a good position, but they are to young to have done anything that they could have been punished for by a painful illness. So why did they get ill? I’d be very grateful for any explanation!
I think I upset Arkangel_E, so can I just add that by a good, top family, I mean a family at the top of the caste system. I thought that you are born higher up the caste system the better you were in your last life, so the child at the top of the caste system must have been good in there past life?
Sorry- I didn’t mean to offend!


  1. Who the hell told you the richest are the happiest or the most evolved ones ? Who the hell gave you the impression that suffering doesnt lead to evolution ?
    Where on earth did you get the idea that one thing is good or bad ? How DO YOU measure good or bad ?
    One thing is Good, when it brings positive outcomes to ALL.
    One thing is Bad, when it destructs peoples lives and selves.
    Souls expand, they split, and they continue their way…they travel, they meet, they suffer they heal…they will stay together as long as the other ones evolve as well…
    Racionalism doesnt make things clear at times, unless, you possess some certainty of truth in your heart.

  2. Hebrews 9:27 And it is appointed unto men (flesh mankind)ONCE to die, but after this is the Judgment.
    This flesh man only experiences the flesh once. The soul being the true body returns to The Father who gave it once the flesh dies. Absent from this flesh, present with The LORD. ALL souls must be born of the waters, through the womb of woman BEFORE The Day of The LORD. All souls must experience this flesh,,,but only one time do we “come around”….and once is enough for me. If God appoints the time for a soul to be born,…I’m sure in His plan He also appoints a time for the flesh to die so the soul can return to Him….and stay with Him (hopefully) eternally in HEAVEN. This flesh is but a wink of an eye compared to what was and what will be for those who LOVE The LORD.

  3. There are as many explanations for re-incarnation as there are interpretations of the bible (infinite).
    Here is one:
    Re-incarnation does not restrict life to a single species or universe. Re-incarnation accepts the possibility that the spirit is not restricted to occupying a human body on this earth or even in this universe.
    The human population of earth is irrelevant to re-incarnation.
    In other words, the spirit is eternal and chooses where it wants to go next and in what incarnation.

  4. Overpopulation fits in with the theory of reincarnation, because we as humans are destroying every other life force on the world – endangered forests, extinct species of land animals and plants, dumping waste in the seas killing off sea life. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Where does your energy, your life force, go when you die? If you think about it all at a large scale, it kind of equals out.
    I also dont think reincarnation relies on moral values in past life to dictate what your next life will be like. I dont think it matters what you did before dying and being reincarnated. Its most likely random coincidences.

  5. The answer is simple. There is no such thing as reincarnation.
    The bible says “it is appointed unto man once to die after this the judgment”.

  6. Concerning the portion of your question dealing with population, it is a New Age thought that most (if not all) of the souls now active are all returning at once due to the transition from the Piscian Age to the Agrarian Age. So we’re all back at about the same time as opposed to being scattered over longer periods. Another, complimentary, thought is that other souls are advancing to this world at this time, again due to the transition but this coupled with their need to develop further and this being their chance. In so far as the birth of a child into good circumstances is concerned, consider this … In dealing with past lives we aren’t necessarily dealing with just the last one. Some times issues may date back MANY lives and still not have been dealt with. To continue your example of the three year old child who’s past life had been very good, and this deals more with karma than reincarnation … What about the one before THAT, or the one before THAT, or … You get the idea. Hope this helps. 🙂


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