How does the process of yoga work?

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Yoga starts off so painful, bending and twisting into awkward positions; why would people do THAT to achieve inner piece instead of just normal meditation, or prayer?

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well if you can’t do it don”t! but if you are flexible and you know how to do it correctly then it has many benefits. It improves circulation which is what makes you relax. I also helpes ou t with stress because of the breathing techinques you use.

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I love the stretches and poses. Its the meditation that I have a problem with because my mind always races with crazy thoughts. First of all the, rule of thumb is stop at the first feeling of discomfort and before actual pain. After a couple of weeks you make a ton of progress. The progress is quicker the younger and better shape you are. I do 2-3 complete yoga sessions everday and haven’t felt any pain since the first week I started learning. The great thing about it is if you routinely do yoga you will stay in that same shape as you get older even up to your 70’s and 80’s. Your whole life will be changed drastically for the better if you learn the poses and get good at them. If you already pray and meditate that makes it complete.


Yoga is for our mind/body health. It creates that kind of harmony between our inner and outer being.the poses and bodily exercises aim the body and mind.. so, they are not just for the flexibility of our body and its strength, but also, for building the kind of union and harmony that we need to achieve in today’s busy world.
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is there neway i could give my self a chakra healing at home wit out the full pro kits?

like iz there materials 2 tha point where i can "bootleg it" the healing at hm or not

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