how does the palm reading thing work?

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i want to get my palm read and do tarot card readings and get my aura read and all that, but is there a way to learn how to do it myself? can anyone give me info on how to work it or anything? also, have you been to a psychic and what happened?

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It works like this. You give them some money, and they tell you a ton of bs about your life that could apply to anyone.
tarot card readings:
why don’t you always get the same cards after they shuffle them…
seriously they are just scamming you. if Ms Cleo is really psychic, how come she couldn’t see that she was going to end up in prison?

David Mesirow

It’s bullshit.

shujah minhas

about palmistry its little complicated and logical if you need books then have books of cheiro he is the father of palmistry and its easy to learn from him


If they come up with something that you think, ‘Wow, that’s amazing, how could they know that?’, they are cold reading. Look it up on Wikipedia and/or watch the vid ‘Cold reading Derren Brown’ on YouTube.

Innocent Victim

It works because gullible people exist, and people who are willing to take advantage of that gullibility exist.
Same as religion.


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