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How does the ouija board work?- don't bother answering to say it doesn't, i tried it and it does. But how?

Very interesting Seth…


  1. ideally you have another person to push the glass, and you should feel it being pulled,towards certain letters to spell out messages its not worth messin with if you belive it or not

  2. It doesn’t. The people sitting around it move the indicator subconsciously, it’s a phenomenon called the Ideomotor effect. It’s the same effect that produces the results of automatic writing. There was a decent demonstration done by Penn and Teller, who got willing volunteers to sit around a board, and get some questions answered. Then, blindfolded the volunteers and tried again. Similar results. Then, they rotated the board 180 degrees. The indicator went to where the participants had last seen the symbols on the board, not where they actually were. Pretty telling.
    If you’re going to believe in something, supernatural or otherwise, it’s important to believe for the right reasons.:)

  3. subconscious suggestion. especially if there’s more than one person in the circle who hasn’t tried it before.

  4. On an open forum you can’t tell people what their answer should be or not be.
    If you think it works, try blind folding all the participants and see what gibberish comes out of it.
    It’s supposed to work by ‘spirits’ guiding your movements, are the spirits also blindfolded?, it actually works by the ideomotor effect, look it up.
    And lastly, if you know it works, James Randi will pay you $1,000,000 to show him how.

  5. Not too sure how it works but oh they do. Very real and potentially very dangerous…I know all too well..be careful.

  6. Its dangerous to mess with ouja boards, you can call the devil by accident or get haunted by an evil ghost for the rest of your life, its really REALLY dangerous, You dont need to know how to play it. Only proffessional paranormal experts know how to do stuff like that safely without getting harmed, since your not an expert, (I think!)
    I suggest you just leave it alone, or answer the consequences.


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