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How does the Ouija Board play a role in The Exorcist?

Ok, so at lunch we have assigned seating, and I sit across from a really popular girl and guy. Randomly, I started talking to this guy beside me about Ouija Boards and we get into a conversation, when suddenly the popular girl jumps slightly and is like,
“Oh! Are you taking about The Exorcist?”
So does the board take a significant part of the plot? I’ve seen the movie Witch-board, and despite the terrible acting, it scared the crud out of me. So yup. 🙂


  • The girl in The Exorcist once used the board to talk to a spirit named Captain Howdy and she may have opened the gateway for bad things to enter our world
    Honestly I have no experience with the real ones myself but know enough people with enough stories to keeep me uninterested in playing with the supernatural.

  • No Ouija Board in the Exorcist but Witch-board was really scarry. ( I agree about the bad acting, lol)
    I also agree with the poster about staying away from Ouija Boards!

  • you really shouldn’t fool around with that kind of stuff, its no joke. A ouija board is a way of connecting to spirits, ghots and mainly demons, so if the girl in the exorcist used a ouija bored it makes sense she was possesed. I would really advise not watching movies like witch-board and the exorcist.

  • No it has nothing to do with the exorcist.
    She probably just thought you were talking about things pertaining to the exorcist in general like the devil or something.

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