Home Discussion Forum How does the NWO/Satan's secret society use witchcraft/demonic spirits to torture people?

How does the NWO/Satan's secret society use witchcraft/demonic spirits to torture people?

Has anyone had any of these experiences?
While sleeping a form of sleep paralysis will overcome you. You can’t move your body even if you try your hardest. If you try to scream or cry out you can’t. It’s as if you are wide awake but you’re in a dream. You can actually feel the pain / torture. While in said state a demonic entity will take its fingers and jab them into your side hard causing excruciating pain. Or, it will take its hand pinching the nerve running Parallel with your Thy bone against the bone causing extreme pain. There are many more.
Has anyone encountered this one? While sleeping a demonic entity, whether a spirit or witch I’m unsure, will make the back of your throat itch so badly it chokes you, making you cough?
Maybe you have experienced the way the NWO uses witchcraft to do this. If you have gone on a fast, lets say for a day or two with ought eating, when trying to sleep at night some type of spirits join together on top of your roof, over the place you are trying to sleep, they zap you with what feels like spiritual sand being shot at you. It feels as if someone throws sand against your bare skin but it’s spiritual.
Do you get the herky jerkys at night when trying to sleep? Your body will jerk uncontrollably. Do you get muscles spasms to the point you are aware it is demonic?
Do you get heart palpitations? Are you fully aware it is demonic powers / witchcraft?
How about witchcraft dreams or mind control / manipulation? Has this satanic society of witches summoned the dead after you to try and seize your heart while you slept? Has Gods Holy angels had to appear to protect you? When you discover the NWO / Satan’s Secret society / Mafia it can become very ugly!
The NWO / Satan’s secret society is very proficient into the deep secrets of Lucifer. These are but a few that I have encountered and there are many more. How about you? Beware of the NWO 666!!!
Satans minions turn or burn! HELL is your rewards!!!


  1. You already asked this in Mythology and Folklore. Do you really think anyone here will give you a better answer?

  2. umm look up night terrors .
    look up halucinations attributed to emotional stress,migraines,epileptic siezures,sleeplessness.
    look up delerium tremens.
    and my god please attempt to use occams razor ….


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