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How does the law of negative energy go?

It’s neither _______ nor destroyed,but merely passed from one something to another? Is that how it goes? help!!


  1. Law of Conservation of Energy
    Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but its form can be altered from one form of energy to another.
    (Forms of energy being electrical, thermal, mechanical, etc.)

  2. First we need to define energy. Its not an entiy its not a mass,its not a quantity. It is usually added as a scalar. but if it has direction and magnetude than its considered a vector.
    When something moves we say it has energy. Therefore the motion of a mass structure times its velocity square describes that it has a motional energy. Hence any thing that moves has energy. It is an interaction process with the substance of space.
    So Energy can be logically described as a phenomena and not a quantity.
    Negative energy in your question goes beyond Einstein. Good thinking.
    We can say that what you call negative energy is really reactive energy or reflected energy.
    This idea follows from Newton’s third law which says to every energy there is an equal an opposite energy. And the Energy per unit distance is called force.
    So if a mass was made to move by the application of power its motion is than sustained by reactive power of the space field.
    So the motion of a mass can also be described by the reactive power of space. That is what Newton Really had in mind in his. first law of motion.
    The energy per oscillation during the mass motion has an equal reactive energy and that is the negative energy that you are alluding to.


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