Home Discussion Forum How does the elimination of Pluto affects Astrology?

How does the elimination of Pluto affects Astrology?

How does it affect the people who predict the future by studying the planets.


  1. how does the discovery of planet x or whatever they are calling it affect astrology? who knows? who cares? But a good question none the less… one of the better ones I’ve heard.

  2. Pluto is still there, it has been declassified. I don’t know if it is used in astrology since I believe it was discovered in 1930’s.

  3. It doesn’t.
    Declassifying it as a planet has no influence on it’s “standing” as an influence in astrological charts.
    Does pointing out that a tomato is really a fruit instead of a vegetable affect how it tastes? Same difference.

  4. Our school textbooks will be rewritten. Since pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet, it will be taken out of our 9 planets. So I guess it’s down to 8. Because if pluto is considered a planet, then there would be even larger bodies to rocks that would be considered a planet.

  5. Pluto was only thought to be a planet since the nineteen thirties, so in the scheme of things in time I should hope very little.
    We live in an ever changing universe anyway.
    Space frontiers, and space travel will change our perspective continuously in the future.
    Our children are smarter than we can even immagine, they will pick it up easily.
    I do not believe that the future can really be read by studying the planets.
    Only guesses as to whether a space rock might hit us, a big one.
    OOOOOOOOH! I just scared myself.
    Also I am dissapointed because a soothsayer told me that my boss was in Pluto, And his moon was rising.
    Damn, I bet he’ll be at the office when I get there.

  6. well,…Pluto is a name of a dog in cartoon…..I guess from now on…any fortune teller should predict futures with the absence of anything about dog !…

  7. Probably nothing. They will still use Pluto for that. Or they will simply revert back to what they used before. Pluto is one of the ruling planets of Scorpio. But Mars is as well. So even if Pluto is dropped from the Zodiac line-up, Mars is still there to cover us. ^_^


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