Home Discussion Forum how does the earth absorb energy from the sun?

how does the earth absorb energy from the sun?


  1. The sun is very, very hot. It gives off lots of energy in the form of heat and light. This heat(and light) radiates out from the sun and hits everything in the solar system.
    When the heat and light hits a planet, it is absorbed. Earth gets plenty of heat and light, and this is why you can use Yahoo, Earth is warm enough for you to live and you can see.
    Place your hand near a fire(not in the fire, though)…your hand will absorb heat from the fire and get quite warm. The exact same thing happens to the Earth with the Sun(even though the sun is not on fire).
    And other then heat and light, the sun bombards Earth will lots of other forms of energy too that get adsorbed…solar wind, ultraviolet radiation, gamma rays, radio waves, etc.

  2. The radiation from the Sun is mostly visible light. As the atmosphere is transparent to visible light, most of this is absorbed by the Earth’s surface. The Earth’s surface radiates this energy back as infrared (heat). Several gases in the atmosphere like CO2, methane and water are not transparent to infrared radiation so they absorb the heat. The heat is then passed to all gases in the atmosphere. The surface and lower atmosphere are warmed because of the greenhouse gases which makes life on Earth possible.

  3. Plants absorb energy from the Sun, mix this with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and grow.
    The sun’s energy is more concentrated on the Northern Hemisphere where its rays hit the Earth more directly and are thus more intense. At the same time, however, the Southern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun causing the sun’s rays to hit the region more at an angle and with less intensity. This brings about winter in the Southern Hemisphere, the arrival of which is called the Winter Solstice.
    The Earth also has other checks and balances that help it absorb and retain the sun’s heat and energy (such as the oceans) as well as reflect its energy back into space (such as the polar ice caps). Wind and ocean currents also help distribute this heat around the globe, all within the Earth’s protective atmosphere. The point is that Earth is unique in its ability to create and maintain sustainable living conditions because all of its systems and influences are connected to each other, from its atmosphere, oceans and land, to its seasons, its living inhabitants and the sun.


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