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How does the Christian view of life after death differ from Hindu reincarnation & moksha?

Could you explain the Christian view of life after death?


  1. that is a really good question….it seems they think it will exist in some ‘city with golden streets’.,…ehh sounds sorta strange to me…hindus – you join the stars again and become one with the cosmic ocean in which everything exists

  2. The people who were splattered across the world at the time of the tower of babel all had the same knowledge. Possibly the books of Enoch.. Other religiions could have knowledge that came from one of our (Christians) ancestors experience with God.. Reeincarnation could refer to demons who are continually reborn sa “those ordained for this condemnation”(Luke)

  3. If you believe in Christ, then you automatically go to heaven, and if you don’t, it’s hell for you.
    Though, there are some that say that God makes the final decision.
    Also, you don’t have to “accept” someone to follow the Hindu path.
    But both have a heaven/hell concept.

  4. The Bible never mentions people having a second chance at life or coming back as different people or animals. Jesus told the criminal on the cross, “Today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43), not “You will have another chance to live a life on this earth.” Matthew 25:46 specifically tells us that believers go on to eternal life while unbelievers go onto eternal punishment. Reincarnation has been a popular belief for thousands of years, but it has never been accepted by Christians or followers of Judaism because it is contradictory to Scripture.

  5. We won’t turn into animals
    We either go to heaven or hell
    If we go to heaven, we live forever in peace and harmony where the streets are made of gold and diamonds, and we will worship Jesus Christ in his home
    and we all get these HUGE mansions and we see our family members, we don’t have to sleep, we can rest if we want to
    God will make a new earth
    We can play with the most dangerous creatures on earth and won’t be in any danger
    the lamb and the lion will be friends
    the cubs and mountain lions will be almost like family
    the water is clean
    no tears
    no death
    no pain
    no nothing
    just happiness

  6. The caste system was concurrent the reincarnation teaching and Moksha goes back to the sanscrit which is a root language of the Assyrian/Babylonian Empires.
    The reincarnation came with the aryan presence and influences regarding the rule of state(s) and ‘colonialism’.
    Reincarnation is fulfilled at the Cross for was not Jesus Resurrected after returning to His Body following Golgatha.
    The new creation is with the body created as angelican for dwelling in the new earth is The Resurrection and the Life. Eternity implies a state of constant existence and therefore no one truly understands these order of things at this time for these things here in this earth are but a shadow of what would be available in Paradise. It is written regarding the glorified body outwardly shining like the stars in the Heavens where the soul is endowed with spirit. Also, it is written that the nations need healing and that the right to eat of the tree of life will be granted to ‘renew’ the outward body and that there are monthly seasons for these fruits to be consumed and that there is no darkness on the new earth, but that darkness is assigned to the Gehena. For they were separated in the Genesis Light and darkness.
    Therefore, at this time during this journey through this earth one is seeking The Kingdom that remains for The Resurrection of the new body and The Judgment where peoples will receive their rewards in accordance with what was done.

  7. All people have fallen short of God’s Holy standard of perfection (sinned), and consequently need a way to recompense (pay) for that sin in order to be reconciled with their creator God. This is a universal belief in virtually all religions that believe in a creator God and in an eternal soul that lives beyond the death of the mortal body.
    Hinduism teaches that sin is atoned (paid for), and people are justified (made right with God) through various acts and works. Since Hindu believers recognize that they are unable to thoroughly perfect themselves in a single lifetime, they reason that God needs to continually return their imperfect eternal soul to a physical form in order to give them additional lifetimes to work out Moksha (perfection and deliverance from sin though the achievement of atma-jnana (self-realization)).
    In contrast to Hinduism and indeed all other religions, Christianity teaches that faith, not works, brings about salvation (perfection and deliverance from sin). Christians believe that Christ, the perfect Son of God, came to earth in bodily form and suffered and died on a cruel Roman cross to pay the penalty for the sins of the entire human race… past. present, and future. On the third day Christ revealed that He is God incarnate (the living embodiment of the creator’s Spirit) by returning to life and walking among men. His resurrection from the dead is the proof that He is indeed God incarnate and that His death was the one and only true and lasting propitiation (substitutionary payment) for ALL sin.
    In confession (admitting they are guilty of sin) the Christian believer asks God to forgive them not because of their own works, but because they believe (have faith) that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to earth to suffer and die for their sins… the perfect and just for the imperfect and unjust. It is this faith in God’s redeeming act, not prior or subsequent works, that enables the believer’s soul to be cleansed from all unrighteousness (sin) and be reconciled to God.
    Life (just one, not multiple lives) for the Christian believer is a daily dying to self (denial of the sinful desires of their unredeemed flesh) through submission to the Holy Spirit of God who gives them both unction and ability to do so. The complete and total perfection of their unredeemed earthly body (quickening) will come to pass when Jesus returns. At that time he will judge all unrighteous unrepentant souls (Unbelievers in the one and only complete and total substitutionary payment for sin) and cast them into a final, eternal place that is separate from God. Those who believe will live forever with Him in a kingdom of perfect fellowship and joy.
    If you would like to learn more about Christianity I invite you to visit our website and online chat room:


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