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How does Telekinesis affect the body?

As more of us learn to use this power.Will we become addicted to it?Will our muscles atrophy from lack of use?Does Telekinesis use up calories?Will it eventually be something we all can do?What effects will it have on Evolution?

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  1. there is always the possibility of addiction with anything. though that will depend on the user’s frame of mind. if humans evolve to using this power it would not be surprising to see in future years people using telekinesis in everyday public life, say reaching for products on the high shelf for example. muscles wont atrophy from lack of use because telekinesis cannot substitute for all our needed movements and tasks. there is a strong possibility that telekin uses up calories due to the extreme concentration and willpower thats needed. its similar to high stress levels causing wieght loss.

  2. If this power actually existed, the evolutionary consequences would be significant. The significant advantages of telekinetic powers would be selected for by environmental pressures and would lead to an evolutionary lineage of increasingly powerful brains, while physical strength and ability would become less important. Eventually, humans would just become weak skinny big-brained dweebs like the Telosians in the original Star Trek pilot episode.

  3. In the future, only the upper class of society will have telekinetic powers. The non-telekinetic people will fill the lower rungs of society and become oppressed, leading to a class struggle and eventually anarchy and war. The telekinetics will then be forced to kill all the non-telekinetics with their mind powers. I have seen this in my visions.

  4. Telekinesis, as I’ve experienced it, produces an out-of-body effect where one is in a state of deep relaxation. It is something that every human being can do, however, we are not taught how to do it properly because there are very few instructors teaching it.
    I have been lucky enough to come across books which give techniques and methods to achieve telekinesis. I think that if more people learned how to do it, it would produce rippling effects in culture and society which will change the course of evolution, indeed.

  5. I think addiction is very much possible. As my telekinetic abilities increase in strenght I find myself doing things like changing the channel on the TV, pausing the DVD player, changing CDs, and even adjusting my AC right from my coach instead of getting up and doing this stuff for myself.
    I am afraid I will start using my abilities to just float around instead of actually walking. Luckily I am not that strong yet.

  6. Give a thought to this…The human race is naturally psychic. Each and every human can achieve what Jesus had achieved – becoming ‘christed’, ‘enlighted’…basically having direct communication with God/ the all source/ the universe. This is the big secret which the “Church” has been hiding for 2000yrs. The only reason we have been doubting these psychic abilities is due to the “Church” killing humans throughout the centuries whom exhibited these qualities – calling them evil and witches – a big contradiction since ‘Christ’ and their ‘saints’ had the same abilities. The big truth is that we can all do what Jesus had done – communicate with God.
    Telekinesis exists and the only effect it will have on your body is that it will make it stronger – physically, mentally and spiritually. You will become a more whole of a human being and will be more aware of your physical environment. You will not be ‘addicted’ because you will understand the laws of the universe and will only use Telekinesis for the good. Telekinesis and other forms of psychic abilities will allow humans to evolve into multidimensional beings – exactly what ‘Christ/Jesus’ was and exactly what the “Church” wants to hide.
    Believe in these abilities because Earth is our playground. Humans are meant to have fun with their psychic abilities. Atheists only deny God’s existence because they are scared of God. They have sinned for centuries and want to live in denial and darkness.

  7. Can any one pllzzzzzzz. Tell me if it’s really plZZZ cause I been trying to beform TK but all I get in my arms and head is all this tingles fillings can someone help meplzzzzzzzzz


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