How does Tai Chi work and is there a specific order of movements?

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It seems that tai chi is just people moving theirselves around slowly. Is there a certain order of movements? Or is it like a free form sort of thing? I don’t know the best way to word this question. Like, do you move right foot, then swirl hands to the left? Or does it not matter? It seems interesting and calming and I would like to better understand it.
how do I know what movemnts give which results?

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john n

Tai Chi is like a choreograph; it’s movements that are made in a specific sequence to achieve certain results.


Yes Tai Chi does have a specific order of movement. Its not hard once you learn it. You can probibly pick up an instruction video at the video store fairly cheap. It would not work trying to explain on line without a visual. And I dont know of a link that could help you.


Tai Chi is a low impact calistenic with a group of moves which mirror the combat arts of China. The slow movement and need for balance is like isometrics. Your own weight provides the resistance and the low speed helps to sharpen focus and concentration. There are many set ‘routines’ which reflects a form. Much of it mimics animal movements, as do the fighting styles. Once a degree of ability is reached the practitioner can create their own series of movements. But after millenia of practice the classics are usually best.


Essentially, Tai Chi works to restore the bance in the bodies energies. There is a specific order to the movements as each flows into the next. The best way to truly understand it is to find an instructor locally.


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