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How does someone do tarot card readings over the phone or internet? Thank you.?

I’d really like to know what the method is if they do it without the person present, and is it accurate? Thanks.


  1. From my experience, the Tarot card reader asks you to think about things important to you while you select a set of numbers. The reader then pulls the corresponding cards and forms the set of predictions from them.
    Is it accurate? No, Tarot is not accurate whether in person or over the internet. Like many forms of fortune-telling, Tarot produces very vague and general kinds of predictions that can be true of many people. A Tarot reading therefore is likely to produce at least a few predictions that resonate with the customer. If the customer believes that Tarot reading works, there will be a strong psychological tendency for the customer to fit his/her own personal life into the vague predictions given, making it seem as if the Tarot reader actually made accurate predictions.
    So you might find that repeat Tarot customers are very adamant about the accuracy of their readings, but it’s really nothing more than the above.

  2. Tarot card readings over the phone or internets are (statistically) *exactly* as accurate as Tarot card readings done in person. Since they are little more than guessing and making purposefully vague generalizations then it doesn’t really matter if you’re in the room with the person or not.
    I’m sorry, but Tarot card reading is just another way to separate the credulous from their money.

  3. I actually tried it.The person seemed very nice.The results were generic like astrology or throwing bones.The reading could pertain to me or anyone else.My advice,try it if you want,just don’t take it seriously.

  4. tarot card reading, like most psychic readings to strangers are done by a technique cold reading. Some people are better at doing it in person, but it can be done over the phone or internet.
    The idea is to be vague and fish for information. When you get solid bits of information, you then restate it as if it came to you in a psychic premonition.
    Telling the future is a great way to make money over the phone or internet, because it doesnt happen until later, and if it never happens, the reader can always say “Its going to happen soon.” because he didnt give a specific time.

  5. *sighs* 🙂
    I’m going to try and sum this up as simply as possible. First of all I do not use tarot, but I know people who do and are very accurate with it. These very people have read for me over the phone and computer as well as in person. It doesn’t matter if you are in person or not. Not all readers ask for numbers…they will simply focus on you and draw the cards themselves.
    From what I understand, these people use tarot cards only to verify what they are already feeling, sort of a confirmation. A reputable reader will not ask for any information on you, as they prefer not to know anything that will lead them in any particular direction with your reading, other than what you wish to focus on, say job, family etc…this is to set the intention. If they ask you questions, it is so they can confirm in their own mind that they are on the right track. They may ask you yes or no questions to keep the thread going, or they might hear and name and ask if you know a person with that name…if you don’t they move on…
    When giving a reading you are interpreting symbols, signs and metaphors. Spirit doesn’t speak our “language”, so this is what readers must do. They might hear telepathically some information or some can hear information as if they are hearing with their ears, but that’s not always the case. Also it depends on the amount of experience they have had using the cards with relation to their accuracy. I hope this helps.

  6. To be able to understand the answer, you first have to have knowledge on psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and a belief in god. You have to understand that all is one – humans, animals, nature, manmade synthesised materials – everything is connected.
    The tarot reader has to be a VERY powerful psychic to be able to read an inividuals lifeline by using an indirect method (i.e. phone, internet). By following the universal rule that ALL IS ONE – meaning that everything and everyone is connected – a strong psychic (someone who is very SENSITIVE to electromangetic energy – aura) would be able to read the individuals past, present and future from anywhere in the world – and they can just have a picture of the individual. The psychic tunes or focuses onto the individual and their aura is then connected with the individual and information just flow from the psychic.
    I have performed tarot readings for 14yrs – and all of them have been accurate and was done using a direct method – face to face. A tarot reader is a medium – who absorbs the individuals lifeforce (electromagnetic energy – or aura), and relays this information through the cards. Each of the 72 tarot cards corresponds with an aspect of human consciousness – i.e. The Chariot Card means Willpower which is connected to our 3rd chakra (vortex of energy).
    I really can’t be bothered explaining all of this… how many times I have written the truth about these things and people just feigned ingorance about it.

  7. Wow – I just love people that dump all over an honest request for information, don’t you? There’s nothing arrogant about that at all.
    I do tarot card readings for myself and sometimes for others. I do not charge money for it because I do not want to be obliged to supply an answer whether I truly feel I have one or not. Someone who does charge money, however, must provide you with a reading that seems meaningful whether they have any intuitions or messages or not. Many of these people are indeed skilled at pulling together small pieces of information you reveal to provide a reading that seems accurate, and insofar as they have gauged you correctly, it IS accurate.
    Now, if you want guidance in your life, a tarot card reading may well guide you towards an answer you already know but have not yet become consciously aware of. A professional “distance” reader may do just as well or better than an amateur in person in that respect. However, if you are looking for someone who is truly in touch with “spirits”, for lack of a better word, I would look around your local new age stores and see if you can find someone towards whom your own intuition guides you as being “connected”.
    The actual physical card reading method will vary from reader to reader. Some let clients cut the deck, some do not permit anyone to touch their cards. Methods vary from three cards to tree of life, but ultimately it is the ability of the reader that makes the difference, not the chosen layout. As an aside, many tarot card readers (myself included) find that the right deck makes all the difference – the wrong one will leave us “blind”.
    I hope this answers your question. Good luck!

  8. You send money they send bullshit. Thats all the info you should need. If your serious about it there are plenty of real live people in most towns offering these services.

  9. I think that a true psychic can connect with you no matter what method you are using for communication. How they do it is different for each one. For me I found that the cards really did give direction for the person who is asking for guidance and I would get a feeling or mental image that would help me interpret each card. I really don’t know what makes it work but it does work. It seems like it is governed by some other power. Those that can read for others over the phone or internet, the ones who really do care and try to answer your question are probably pretty rare and more than likely could not tell you how they do it, they just can. They would definitly be able to tell you something that is specific to you and would not generalize. It is an ancient wisdom and a gift from God. God is asked for guidance and protection. If you are asking this question because you want to be able to do readings by phone or internet and are already doing Tarot readings in person, I suggest you just try doing a layout over the phone. See if you connect with the person or get a feeling. Do the same as you would with a reading with someone there. Have the person pick the cards from the fan out by selecting 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. Then do the reading. Take your time, write down the thoughts that come to you right away, do not hesitate or try to change what you feel or see. Once you have written everything down then pull it together and tell your subject what you “see” through the cards. If you just aren’t anywhere close then perhaps that is not the method you should use. It only means that you need to work on your spiritual side more. Hope this helps.

  10. I have done readings over the phone with friends and even family. I do not advertise to anyone – its more of a secret thing. They tell me that I am accurate and I just have the person concentrate on the question or what they want to know. I have done one via email and the girl said that I was very accurate. I told her that her husband was much older than she was and also revealed some things that she was already suspecting. I don’t recall her name and I didnt keep in contact with her. It was just a favor because she sounded like she really needed help. Just like everything else in this world it set out in front of you – you either believe or you don’t.

    • Hi there, I’ve just been reading a msg you left online 2010 regarding tarot readings, could you possibly please do mine? Know its a long shot, but worth a try. Thanks for your time!

  11. Where the information comes from, about the unseen person on the other end of the phone line, is from a source that is beyond this Earthly plane and so little details like distance don’t matter. It is accurate if it is a truly psychic reader…

  12. I’ve read tarot readings for people in person, over the phone and over the internet (through IMs) many times. For me, the best thing possible for the most accurate reading (regardless of where the querent or the reader are located) is to get to know the person asking for the reading. Once you establish a connection you can pick up on their energy from anywhere.
    Things that I do to get to know my client over distance:
    1. Get their full name
    2. Date of Birth and Zodiac sign
    3. Present location
    4. Hometown, place of childhood
    5. Level of education
    6. Current job
    7. (Most important) Why they want a reading
    Usually after having a conversation where I can get all this info I can read over an IM or the phone.
    For the most part my readings are really accurate but it’s important to note that Tarot aren’t always 100 percent accurate. You can do anything to change the course of your future. However, most of the people I’ve read for over the phone or the internet were very pleased with their readings and have contacted again to let me know how their situations were resolved.
    I would like to warn you against psychic hotlines though. I read an article about the rules and guidelines companies make their phone psychics follow and they are all counter-intuitive to accurate tarot readings.

  13. I do tarot over the internet and I beleive it is possible. Tarot readers use devination to read the cards. Quantum physics, spritual leaders and common people alike have demonstrated over many centuries the posibilities and even evidence of unexplainable phenomena. We do not have to know each other or have met each other to be able to step into or tap into energy that we are all connected by. We accept common occurances of insight and telepathy (for example, when we are thinking of someone and they call or arrive at your door step) as coincedence. It isn’t, it is connectedness. I have just started a blog that is offering the first person to comment a free one question reading. Maybe you should give it ago and if you then beleive you can get a proper one from my site.
    The most important thing is some people are genuinely practiced or able to use thier psychic gift, but thier are alot of people just making money out of it online. It is hard to find a genuine one but they are out there. Good luck. oh my blog is http://sinceretarot.wordpress.com/

  14. Something a lot of people overlook due to a lack of education about Tarot history and symbology is the very nature and intention of Tarot itself. The Tarot is sometimes called a ‘book’ because it intentionally covers every conceivable aspect of life. The thing is, all of these archetypal experiences are happening to you, to some degree, all of the time. So, from a completely non-spiritual point of view, every reading is going to have some degree of accuracy.
    I’ve been reading tarot professionally for several years, and have read for free before that for over a decade. I read for spiritually inclined individuals as well as complete atheists! The thing is, Tarot can be a valuable tool either way.
    The Spiritual querent can easily accept that the symbols are a lexicon of ‘words’ used by Spirit to convey information from a higher state of consciousness. Spirit doesn’t speak the same way we do; words are, ultimately, extremely limited in terms of communication. In this regard, the intuitive reader who has spent a lot of time not just memorizing cards but finding common factors or ‘agreements’ between cards can give some really amazingly accurate readings, without ever knowing what the question was in the first place. We just read what we see and follow our intuition. It isn’t cold reading – not all of the time, I can’t speak for everyone who uses tarot – and I, and many other readers I’ve known, don’t ask any questions at all. I lay down the cards and then tell the querent the story that they tell me. We learn to trust that this story is relevant to the question, and the deeper that trust becomes, the more relevant that story becomes.
    On the other hand, even if you don’t believe in anything divine, spiritual, etc., Tarot is still a valuable creative tool. We tend to have minds a little bit like train tracks – we have ‘thinking habits’, and when we encounter a problem most people (with the exception of the particularly creative ‘out of the box’ thinker) will use the same reasoning processes they are used to using. By utilizing Tarot, we have the opportunity to derail that typical train of reasoning and come up with creative solutions that, absent this intervention, we would not have encountered otherwise. It can help us review a situation taking different factors that are universally present into account.
    Although in my experience Tarot can divine the future, I do believe that this is not it’s real purpose and utility. In fact, there’s not a lot of practical use for knowing the future at all – foreknowledge changes the future, universally, because it is impossible to act as if you did not have that knowledge. Instead, the utility of Tarot is in understanding the forces at work in the present, so that we can achieve the future that we want to create. Sometimes these forces are things that we were aware of but didn’t realize the impact they were having; sometimes they are forces we were entirely unaware of. Either way, having this information and using it wisely is like seeing a mechanic when your car makes funny noises – you aren’t sure it will get you from point A to point B, but once you have a clear understanding of what’s making the noise you can make the necessary adjustments (like getting it fixed in this allegory) to ensure that you get to point B.
    Over the phone, face to face, over chat or e-mail doesn’t or shouldn’t matter. My own readings are accurate regardless, and that actually surprised me the first few times I tried reading over e-mail especially. The thing is, most querents think about the reading as “The tarot reader uses their insight to reveal something…” placing a lot of emphasis on the ability and integrity of the reader themselves. Which is fine – but the reader is having a different experience. To the reader, they just happen to be there as an interpreter between a higher power and the querent. That higher power is present everywhere, knows who is asking the question, and what information to convey.
    Reading tarot with an earnest intention to offer guidance, and a sincere effort to understand the symbols, will undoubtedly develop intuitive abilities in the practitioner. I have seen it happen to skeptics as well as individuals who already believed in psychic ability to begin with. I think this is because the Tarot is composed of archetypes that constitute the language of the unconscious mind, and as we work with them we gain a more conscious and working access to the deeper realms of the mind, the more sublime level of consciousness where intuition functions unhampered by our bias and conditioning. So although there are many insincere readers, most readers with integrity likely have a well developed intuitive ability as well, at least in my experience.

  15. Hi I am psychic and about to work for a company doing Angel card readings over the phone, I used to do this face to face and telephone with private readers a while ago, I need the money and therefore have to start it again, the trouble is I have health problems and I can’t get my confidence up to start yet, also do I need to do any protection as I don’t want to get bad spirits involved. Kat.

  16. hi i understand what you are saying please take a spiritual bathe an a few days off smoke out where you will be reading and trust your cards build a spiritual bank account say your prayers most important restttttttttttttttt,

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