Home Discussion Forum How does smoking tobacco affect the chakras and aura?

How does smoking tobacco affect the chakras and aura?


  1. chakras and auras are nonsensical beliefs and don’t exist, so the answer to your question is no effect.
    Smoking tobacco has very real effects on very real organs such as your lungs and heart

    • I feel through my chakras, are you entirely physical? If so, then you can’t feel emotions, or self-awareness, as that is not entirely physical.
      Good luck graduating the first grade of life, you will enjoy the responsibility that comes with the higher realms.

  2. I read in one spiritual book that smoking kills spirit (I donot know what it means though). Sorry if it’s not that which u asked about but that’s all I know.

  3. It’s a shame that people have such a poor understanding of energy systems. If they gave themselves just one day of solid research they wouldn’t be skeptical anymore.
    Anyways, tobacco is actually used by ayahuasca shaman to purify the spirit. I don’t think they inhale it though, they just pass the smoke onto certain parts of the body.
    As for smoking anything in general, it affects your heart and throat chakras in a negative way if done in excess. Blocking any chakras will in turn lower your aura. Hope that helps.

  4. Keep taking all the toxins into your body and you will never feel your energy system. Stop eating all the crap, stop smoking, get fit and you will feel it.
    As an ex-smoker I can tell you that the high you get from a cigarette is from the moment you take the first drag, it is instantaneous. How then can it be that it takes seven seconds for blood to reach the brain!
    From Wikipedia
    “Nicotine has a higher affinity for acetylcholine receptors in the brain than … When a cigarette is smoked, nicotine-rich blood passes from the lungs to the brain within seven seconds …. “

  5. I found that smoking tobacco in my pipe opens my heart and I experience a great feeling of love towards mankind that provides hope and happiness for me. I hope that I can learn to train my mind/heart to acquire the ability to generate this wonderful state without tobacco to be my normal state of mind and heart. I’m not addicted to tobacco, and I have never been a cigarette smoker.

  6. I think it blocks the third eye chakra. I had many dreams when I stopped smoking , I even experienced lucid dreaming . I quitted again but its just the way to deal with emotions I don’t know how to handle


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