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How does Saturn's transit affect astrology?

As an aquarius, I started experiencing relationship and job turbulence during Oct. ’06 to now. I wondered how Saturn’s movement was affecting my circumstances…is Saturn in transit causing other difficulties for anyone else? I’m not blaming my problems on the zodiac; however, I just want to understand what’s going on in the stars. Any ideas?


  1. Saturn has no effect on your life. Neither does the positions of the stars when you were born. Astrology is ENTIRELY superstitious nonsense. There is NOTHING to it. Absolutely nothing. The stars and planets have NO EFFECT on your life or anyone else’s.
    Was that clear enough?

  2. You should buy a telescope and take a class in astronomy.
    You’re experiencing relationship troubles because whoever you’re trying to have a relationship with is appalled that you believe this nonsense about Saturn. Trust me. Even if you’re sure that’s not it, that’s it.

  3. Astrology is a superstition, just like The Friday the 13th and a black cat crossing the road. I don’t know how old you are. When you grow up and learn some more science you will understand.

  4. Saturn “hangs out” in a zodiac sign for approx. 2.3 years. For example, Saturn has been in my sign (Leo) since 7-17-05 and will remain until Sept. 07. I have experienced many life-changing events from the “stearn and not so forgiving planet. Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn. It takes Saturn approx. 29 years to make it’s complete circle through the zodiac. Also, if you have your natal chart done, you can see where Saturn was @ the exact time of your birth i.e. which house, and the aspects of Saturn to the other planets @ the time of your birth. Saturn only comes around and hangs out in your sign 2 maybe 3 times (if you live that long) in a persons life, so it absolutely affects everyone (whether they know it or not). Saturn is also considered “The planet of banishment and the school of hard-lessons. The up side to Saturn? The rewards are GREAT if the lessons are learned.

  5. Some good info above.
    There is a lot to astrology and there is no real simple answer to your question. In astrology there are the Signs, the Planets, Houses and aspects. This is what forms and defines a chart. A natal chart is a chart containing the positions of the planets at your time of birth; and a progressed chart, a chart showing where the planets are for the year of your life. These two charts are then compared. In doing so it looks to all the planets and their influences as it pertains to you.
    If you are about 27-28, you could be feeling the effects of what is called a Saturn return.
    For issues with work, you would want to look at what is happening in the tenth house, it’s ruler (planet).
    Same thing for relationships, this can be investigated by looking at the 7th house.
    Planets that would effect these areas in life would be Saturn, Venus and Jupiter.


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