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How does reincarnation work?

I was wondering about the whole process of reincarnation believed in some religions, such as Buddhism and many others.
Anyone have some knowledge on this?
It seems like a really interesting idea to me.


  1. you die and based on how great you lived your life, you come back as an animal, such as a cow. so basically, all the animals roaming around were previously people. think about that next time youre eating meat 🙂

  2. Have You Ever Lived Before?
    DID you ever meet someone for the first time, only to feel that he was an old acquaintance? Or, have you traveled to a new location and yet apparently recalled it very well? English novelist Charles Dickens said this about such an experience: “If I had been murdered there in some former life I could not have seemed to remember the place more thoroughly or with more emphatic chilling of the blood.”–Pictures from Italy.
    Experiences like these have caused some people to think that they have had previous lives. While their viewpoints vary somewhat, basically such individuals believe in reincarnation. They think that human creatures have souls that pass into other bodies after death occurs.
    Reincarnation was taught in ancient Egypt, and a significant teaching of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras was transmigration of the soul. Today Buddhists and many Hindus believe in reincarnation, and it is gaining increased acceptance in the West. Some believe that the Bible supports this concept. For that matter, Cyril Richardson, professor of church history at New York city’s Union Theological Seminary, commented: “I would say that reincarnation is compatible with Christianity.”
    ANYONE examining the Bible in hopes of finding support for the doctrine of reincarnation is bound to be disappointed. Nowhere will you find that humans have lived former lives. Furthermore, you will not find such expressions as “reincarnation” or “transmigration of the soul” or “immortal soul” in the Bible.


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