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How does reincarnation work in our universe?

How could it possibly work in a universe that has a beginning and an end? There was a point in time, science proves, that our universe did not exist, and there will be a time when our universe is no longer livable. How could reincarnation work in this universe that is not eternal?


  1. Science proves squat, when will we believe that we don’t know everything, this is just as bad as those religious nuts who believe in God. Get your facts straight then ask stupid questions.

  2. I know a christian prophet who believes in re-incarnation… he says that Chrsitians who do not face the consequences of their actions on earth in this life… will be resurrected again on this earth to suffer punishment for their sins..
    He believes that John the Baptist is the resurrected Elijah and that John was beheaded because Elijah killed the prophets of baal.

  3. Reincarnation is fact and supported by scientists everywhere. If you are curious about reincarnation you can read God’s truth on this subject in book three of the “Conversations with God” books… Available in all libraries. God bless.

  4. to me the idea of reincarnation is this, we cease to exist, born into reality to die, the odds of living again are as great as they have proved to us here and now. Death as a passing, a change, a shedding of the skin is nothing more than renewal

  5. It’s viewed like this…Life and nature is a natural cycle. Your body is composed of a conscious energy…which a lot of people define as a soul. The conscious energy belongs to the earth. SO, when you die, that energy comes out of you, and recyclys itself…sometimes through another life form. Hindus and Celts believed this out of observation of the cycles of the seasons, the moon, and night and day. It was never ending to them, just like the cycle of life,

  6. You are confusing reincarnation with recycling. I do not believe that we just recycle back in to life…only the dark ones do that and that will end when life on this planet ends. I believe that reincarnation is a choice we have, similar to our education system. We don’t HAVE to further our education, but we learn and grow faster if we do. Same with reincarnation. We do not come back to right some wrong in a past life, we are here to learn and grow spiritually…by choice. We can stay on the other side and work and learn at a slower pace or we can reincarnate and move at a quicker pace. We don’t become plant or animal life. A Human spirit will always be human. There are dark spirits who DO recycle in order to help us learn and grow…make sense?

  7. Well, Eastern and Western thought does not always mix well.
    In the traditional Buddhist view, there is rebirth/reincarnation, but the universe is undergoing a kind of reincarnation as well!
    It doesn’t even sound very scientific when you expect that the universe came from nothing and will return to nothing.
    Besides the universe being born and dying, to be replaced by a ‘new’ universe, in Buddhism, there are more then one universes, so there is no contradiction at all.

  8. I don’t see a problem with this. I would view reincarnation as one of the many possibilities offered to us, not a set of rigid immutable laws. A person does not have to be reincarnated, and any sense of punishment or progress [eg: from life as a fruit fly to life as a dog to life as a human, etc.] is merely a construction that we invent.
    According to Christianity, Christ offers people a way to step off the merry-go-round of reincarnation, but that in no way precludes free will. There is no reason that a Christian could not choose to be reincarnated [I suspect it to be a rare thing], which perhaps explains why the occasional person seems to be born to sainthood.
    As to the the question of an eternal universe–well, I don’t think you will find support for that either from science or from most religions. Mankind seems to have a sense that what we see cannot last forever, and that idea appears to be supported by science, so “eternal” becomes a relative term, depending on your point of reference.


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