Home Discussion Forum HOW does reincarnation help to justify the caste system?

HOW does reincarnation help to justify the caste system?

please help me i neeeeeed to kno thank you i appreciate it 🙂


  1. they will say karma you get what you deserve, this life is influenced by past life but that’s BS as you become who you are based on conditioning no one is good or evil it’s not black and white

  2. If you are a bad person and are reincarnated as something that is less than everyone else, it seems that that may justify a class system.

  3. Something to do with maintaining cosmic justice. If you were a bad wicked person in a past life you get reborn into a low caste; if you were a good person in past life (lives) you get reborn into a privileged caste. That is how I understand it.

  4. Some people believe that good and bad deeds create karma which builds up over the the course of a life. At death your karma points determine what your new life will be. Eventually if you accumulate enough karma points you get the option of using it all up and reincarnating as an enlightened one or continuing to reincarnate until you get enough to opt out of the reincarnation process all together. Quite obviously those who don’t have enough karma to reincarnate into a higher caste are “lesser” people than those who do.
    FYI Not all believers in reincarnation believe in karma.


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