Home Discussion Forum How does Reiki rate as a system of healing?

How does Reiki rate as a system of healing?

Has anybody tried it as a patient or practises it? How does Reiki compare to other energy healing systems and complementary therapies? Would you recommend it for serious illnesses?

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  1. Hi there.
    There is a real powerin reiki, i have felt it myself. how it rates i don’t know, homeopathy has something real about it too, but there is definitely something there in Reiki.
    It can’t replace an operation, but it can help a lot.
    Good luck, Steve.

  2. I am a Reiki practitioner as well as a teacher. I have experienced much through Reiki. I have seen people diagnosed with cancer go through radiation with less problems as well as the cancer treated with less complications and less time. I love sharing the effects of Reiki with people….feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

  3. I am an animal Reiki practitioner. That’s the only system I am trained in. It is used as an ADJUNCT therapy for many cancer patients, Reiki is sent to people and animals in emergency medical situations.
    In the last month we have used Reiki for a very senior bunny (over 100 in human years) with pneumonia which he was not expected to survive. Having come through that the bunny developed an abscess which required anesthesia and surgery for its removal. He was not expected to survive. I saw him on Saturday and he was doing very well though not totally out of the woods healthwise.
    I would definitely recommend it for any serious illness.

  4. Hi I am a Reiki practitioner I can recommend it for physical, emotional, past life problems, in fact for anything. It can only help, not hinder in any way! The power of Reiki is to me wonderful! It has changed my life! I had a treatment, which was the most amazing experience and knew from that moment I had to practice it! It CAN achieve marvellous things.
    Try a treatment?
    Love and light, Lucinder x

  5. I too, like YOYO experienced the amazing effects of Reiki as a patient first. It changed my life and made me well enough to enable me to train as a practitioner and give Reiki to others, I now treat mainly horses(and their owners !). Cynics claim that it is a ‘placebo effect’, but a horse doesn’t understand if you say “HI, I’m going to give you reiki and your ache will go away”….but they respond amazingly to the energy, they feel whats happening.
    many blessings
    Zoe x

  6. Reiki is equally as bogus as all the other “energy” healing and complementary techniques. Bottom line…those that promote pseudoscience almost always have little to no scientific education. I challenge someone to prove me wrong. Find me someone that has enough scientific knowledge to even debate the topic.
    “Zoetodman” – Did the horse tell you that it felt better? Or did it just give you a wink and blow you a kiss? Explain to me how you’ve scientifically validated the effectiveness of reiki on horses? Have you consistently noticed physiological changes during or after reiki? If so, what are those physical effects that you have quantified and qualified? And if you can answer that question, you still need to realize that it doesn’t yet qualify as relevent scientific evidence. Your observations are not “double blind”, leaving it open to confirmation bias. You also didn’t speak about your success rate among a large pool of patients, which gives your observation no statistical significance. You can’t rule out chance, nor placebo effect. In humans, placebo effect is huge. The people that seek reiki treatment already believe in it to some degree, or they wouldn’t do it. The only people that say they feel better, were opening themselves up to the placebo effect. Show me one true skeptic that did reiki and is now a believer. The difference with real medicine, is that real medicine will be equally effective even if you hate it or don’t believe in it. Real medicine is backed by scientific evidence that must control for placebo, proving that the efficacy could not be attributed to placebo effect or random chance.
    So far “Angelhil” is the only responder that lives in reality, and I completely agree with Angelhil’s answer. Even using bogus therapies as an adjunct is bad because it implies that they have some sort of validity. And there are so many people out there that will abandon the real treatment because they want so badly to believe in bogus therapies. Ultimately the promotion of medical delusions will cost lives. If you believe in ghosts, or bigfoot, or the lock ness monster, I don’t care. But when it comes to other people’s health, I have a real ethical problem with allowing you to spread your stupidity, ignorance, delusion, etc. It breaks my heart every time I hear a story about a 10 year old dying from diabetes because her parents wouldn’t allow medical care. They only allowed “faith healers”. The parents had good intentions, they were just delusional. Don’t be like them…


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