How Does Reiki Heal Me?

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Reiki is a branch of the holistic health and alternative medicine fields, originating in Japan almost 90 years ago. It involves the channeling of universal energy for the healing and benefit of living beings. If you are relatively new to this concept and find yourself asking the question, “How does Reiki heal me?” there are a few things you should know in order to better understand the effect and power of this healing energy.
How Does Reiki Heal Me?

– Understanding Energy

The Reiki philosophy is built on the foundational understanding of life as an infinite series of energetic interactions. This view is both ancient and modern in nature, as our most recent scientific advances are now validating its discovery long ago.

– Ancient Beginnings

Reiki itself is understood from the Eastern perspective of energy and vibration. For thousands of years, the human body and human experience has been understood in terms of energetic interaction. Long ago, the ancient Chinese and ancient Indians were able to chart energetic pathways through the physical human system. Though using different terms and teaching different methods for the stimulation of this energy, both Chinese and Indian systems considered the basic foundation of everything that exists to be energetic in nature.

– Recent Discoveries

Recent advances in the sciences have been validating the ancient system of holistic medicine based on the perspective of existence as an infinite series of energetic interactions. Modern medical and scientific instruments have even allowed us to see the energetic interplay of the human system. With strong scientific underpinnings now begging further research, the concept behind Reiki and other energetic healing modalities is becoming more widely accepted as a valid and effective.

How Does Reiki Heal Me?

– Balance and Imbalance

Understanding that, at the most basic level, everything is energy allows us to begin taking a different perspective on illness and disease. To the ancient mind, disease is not the result of an outside force exerting its negative influence on the physical body, but rather the result of an energetic imbalance within the body system.

From this viewpoint, it becomes easy to address illness and disease, since healing results from the simple realignment of energies, or the restoration of balance to the body system. Regardless of the terminology used, the philosophy remains the same: negative influence on the body system is experienced on an energetic level and must be healed on that same level.

How Does Reiki Heal Me?

– Intelligent Energy

Reiki is an intelligent energy that emanates from the Source of all that is and it is a unifying force that is believed to be the most basic and pure building block of everything in existence. As such, Reiki is both a part of each of us and apart from us, a divine energy that is only ever positive and helpful in its intent.

– Restoring Balance

The purpose of Reiki Energy is to restore balance where it has been lost. Its healing benefits affect both the physical and the non-physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. It is truly holistic in nature.

When Reiki Energy is channeled through a practitioner, its energy seeks out imbalance and restores equilibrium to that particular area or memory or thought. These effects, though energetic in nature, can often be viewed by the human eye and are also typically felt by the individual being treated as a tingling sensation or warmth or vibration.

How Does Reiki Heal Me?

– Energetic Alignment

When a person is attuned to Reiki Energy, that personal alignment can be harnessed for personal benefit as well as for the benefit of others. When you can understand what is happening on a most basic level and appreciate the positive effects of energetic balance restored, you position yourself to be healthy and whole.

How Does Reiki Heal Me?

– Your Role

It is important that you maintain an open mind when receiving Reiki treatments or when studying the effects of Reiki for yourself. The energetic underpinnings of the Reiki philosophy may seem alien in nature to the more analytical Western mind, but it is absolutely important that you remain open to new experiences and new perspectives on life and its basis.

How Does Reiki Heal Me?

– Align Yourself With Its Healing Power

Though it is beneficial and effective to visit a Reiki practitioner for treatment, one important way for you to experience the positive effects of Reiki Energy is to become attuned to it for yourself. It is for this reason that many people across the world have sought out training in the effective and appropriate use of Reiki Energy for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of those around them.

As a certified Reiki practitioner, you possess the ability to heal both yourself and others. You also possess the ability to attune others to this healing energy. While certification and training used to cost quite a bit in both time and money, learning Reiki has now become far more accessible to the average person.

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