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How does quartz work for healing?

I read somewhere that quartz and rose quartz have healing properties for your body. Can someone tell me more specifically where to put them on the body for what healing. I have 2 reg. quartz and 1 rose quartz rocks(all 1-2in diam. apprx)


  1. They don’t have healing properties, they’ve healing energies that help KEEP your body’s normal functions if you’re healthy, but you have to find where the root of the problem is and then seek treatment, since all the energy of a pink or clear quartz isn’t enough to cure illments fast. The quartz “guides” your body, but your body does all the work. Holding it close to your body (charm, bracelet or necklace) will do, as long as it touches your body, not over your clothes, since their properties aren’t strong enough to reach them that way. Kind of like, if you eat vitamin c your body will handle a cold better. It’s not a cure, but it helps. It’s not as spiritual as some might think and please, asking spirits to heal you with stones… what are we? blind Christians? lol

  2. I am reasonably certain that the activity is spiritualistic, and not something supported by Scriptures. (That is, that you are asking “the spirits” for help, and that is NOT the Holy Spirit,) I know enough that I don’t want to know more, and do not want to experience it. (someone no doubt will claim I’m wrong)

  3. Those rocks will do nothing for healing, so you can put them anywhere it won’t make any difference. Just because you read it somewhere does not make it so. I know the negative response this will get, but sadly the person who wants the healing will learn for themselves soon enough.

  4. You can use the crystals on your body or just hold them in your hand. During meditation or prayer, holding the crystals in your hand will help increase your ability to focus and provide energy for healing and balance. Clear Quartz is a good general crystal that will help heal any situations and is used to clear away negative energy. Rose Quartz has been said to help with clearing away pain and helping to open the heart to unconditional love and compassion for yourself and others. How you use crystals is based on intention.
    Crystal Healing is a method of using crystals or stones to help
    achieve balance of the mind, body, heart and spirit. Crystals are
    tools that carry specific vibrations and properties to help heal many
    types of illness, mental and emotional disorders and increase
    spiritual awareness. The crystals have an inner structure that is in
    a state of balance, it radiates energy like a laser, and this energy
    may be transmitted into objects (such as quartz watches) or people
    at will. As healers, we use crystals to release negative energy and
    thought patterns so that disease may be prevented or healed.
    Crystals may be attuned to any number of healing vibrations,
    including Reiki, Vijarden, healing energy from the Earth to name a
    few. We would be happy to attune your crystals and place within
    them the intentions you need for your healing, and teach you how
    to perform this technique yourself.
    Crystal Healing is performed by placing similar or different crystals
    in sacred geometric patterns around the body to perform a specific
    clearing or raising of energies. It combines well with Hands on
    Healing. Crystals always add to a method and never interfere with
    the intentions that have been placed for a healing session.

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