Home Discussion Forum How does our subconscious guide what we do?

How does our subconscious guide what we do?

Are unknown thinks to the conscious mind actually guided by the subconscious perceptions of past experiences.


  1. Well yes and no. The mind is indirectly controlled by the subconscious, and really is only able to kind of give a nudge into any direction unknown to you. It’s very complicated but a there’s movie that in my mind gives a good representation of how the subconscious acts on the mind just don’t take it literally. It’s called Being John Malkovich.Check it out.

  2. Who knows? I doubt doctors in neuroscience hang out on yahoo answers. Its always been my guess that our subconscious brain creates a conscious out of need to command the body, speak, moves, interpret sound. As we grow around other people, the conscious develops a specific personality that we call ourselves.
    And although it is near impossible to consciously understand the subconscious mind(like trying to fit the universe in a bottle) With meditation and searching deep within yourself, you may be able to react to “feelings” or “urges” that your subconscious creates. These small feeling could give us clues and bring us a little closer to a more complete human mind, whatever that may be capable of.
    It should be noted that just like any large unknown field, if you fiddle around in your subconscious for to long you are bound to get lost. Only dig as deep as you are willing to climb out.
    Most of all, be careful. There is a reason we cannot comprehend the subconscious. And while I believe its explorations is necessary to more forward, i do not pretend to understand its inner workings nor do I kid my self with ideas of “preparation” to see a thing so great that it is hidden from our conscious mind.
    For now, unfortunately, and not to discredit my work, all of this remains speculation, nothing more than the understanding of a young spiritual adult who feels compelled to become something more.
    If you want to get into it further, i suggest you start from your beginning with your own understanding of reality. The chances that there is any truth to mine is small, and the chance that it would apply to another person is infinatly smaller.
    Don’t dwell on it too much though, curiosity killed the cat.


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