Home Discussion Forum How does Ophiuchus bear up in ritual,?

How does Ophiuchus bear up in ritual,?

Ophiuchus is the “new” sign of the zodiac, but as far as I can see he has no planet, and very few correspondences. How does one use such a being in Shamanic, or witchcraft rituals?

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  1. Just make it up as you go along, like every other superstition.
    These rituals you mention work, if they work at all, by the placebo effect of people simply believing that they work. And the placebo effect works because of course – or one could say, *naturally* – the mind and the body are not independent entities but different aspects of the same organism with no precise boundaries between them.

  2. Ophiuchus was formerly referred to as Serpentarius, the former originating in Greek and the latter in Latin, both meaning “serpent-holder”.
    In many shamanic traditions, the snake or serpent is viewed with sacred reverence. The serpent primarily symbolizes the process of “death and rebirth.” As the serpent sheds its skin, leaving behind that which is outgrown or no longer of use, it quietly prepares to move into a “new life.” This is a vulnerable period during which the snake is left defenseless against outside threats with no guarantee of survival.
    For the shamanic initiate, this type of challenge must be faced if one is to “step into” this new relationship to life.


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