Home Discussion Forum How does ones energy or aura shows up on another person?

How does ones energy or aura shows up on another person?

Let us say for example, I like to sing and I practice singing at home. Now I have plenty of energy or aura and let us call it singing energy.
Now, if I go to a same place where I stay there for a long time. Do you think that due to my singing aura, I will be attracting other singing people without knowing each other.


  1. yes, your energy range, or your aura, connects to other auras that have a some connection
    you don’t have to stay long to get a vibe from others.
    and its not just simililarities that attract
    my aura shows that i am a submissive person so i often feel people around me who are dominant
    or something that can help can atttact your aura too
    like i get down, sad, and angry easily and my aura calls to people that are good comforters and soothers
    connecting aura’s means you have connections
    maybe if you were @ a place with your singing expressions in your aura and you feel someone else’s aura
    it might now be the singing expressions that connect you two it could be another expression

  2. well auras are your field of energy your vibe so to speak. you might be able to get to these people yes but this is not always true. you can attract anybody as long as your field of energy is compatible but it works in reverse too. you can also attract to those who despise singing so you are not guaranteed either way


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