How does one unleash the full power of the subconscious mind?

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I have realized that this part of the mind is very powerful,but how do i use it to my advantage and what is it that we are doing as people that keeps us from tapping into it?

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Nate E

I would say the power of the subconscious is often overplayed. I think you can gain more control over it through meditation though.


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Little grasshopper. Perhaps the variables of greed, ambition, and rationalization are the strong barriers that prevent accessing ones subconscious.


Unleashed is not a word i would have chosen because it places that power in a classification known as the beast.


Mediation will help you with this. Our society has the prevalent belief that we need to think about things to find answers, but when we quiet the mind information that awaits below the surface is allowed to come into our conscious awareness. You may want to keep paper and pen handy and write down what you learn after each session so you do not forget. You can have a similar experience through hypnosis, either on your own or with a hypnotherapist. Dreams also may offer insight into subconscious information. These are not mainstream ideas as of yet. If it ever do become mainstream, then many people will do what those around them are doing and have the opportunity to benefit from what is already known deep within themselves. Best Wishes to You.


I’ve done it and it was a freaky experience. I would advise against it.


Start with the conscious mind first 🙂
Brain has two side, left and right, you need to develop both sides by practicing activities. there is software with exercises to develop your brain as ‘Test and Improve Your Memory’ or ‘Brain Trainer’.
As per subconscious mind, it’s something beyond our seen abilities, but also some success books would guide you into using subconscious mind to solve problems like ‘Lazy Man’s Way to Riches’
There’s also subliminal messages which was used once (as i recall) to influence people to do things like putting messages like Drink Coca Cola’ for instance in frames of movie reels in theatres and by rolling the movie the naked eye wouldn’t notice it. but it’s difficult to do it in person.
If you mean Telepathy and controlling by mind, etc… it’s still experimental practices in lab and not really confirmed if it’s true or not, working or not.
Therefore, start with what you have and maybe then you can reach a level to the subconscious mind.
However, it’s my dream that i can use telepathy one day.


You don’t!!! As soon as you start thinking like that it becomes tied in to selfish motives which are barriers to untapping the subconscious mind, if you keep trying nonetheless it’ll backfire on you. There are many books out there on the subconsious mind that can be very misleading, they get you to think that you can do anything and control your lives if you can untap but to be honest I will tell you they only work on some individuals, the naive ones. People like me should not try at all.


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