Home Discussion Forum How does one turn negative/bad energy into positive/good energy?

How does one turn negative/bad energy into positive/good energy?


  1. Who decides what is good and bad? Any judgement calls for thinking in dual terms. Try and overcome the temptation to think in terms of good and bad. There is only one thing. Energy is energy and how you approach it is the important thing. Just treat all things equally, neither good nor bad. Take the middle path. No judgement. If one judges then he is imagining a separated individuality and there is no wisdom in this path.

  2. What does energy have to do with it? However, sometimes just establishing the default setting to “happy” goes a long way in making for a pleasant day. When there is reason to be “negative” it is often (certainly not always) best to react negatively! Pretending to be “positive” or suppressing anger, is a recipe for psychosis or mental chaos!

  3. Believing that the world isn’t hell.
    Believing that with ever fall theres a lift.
    Not forcing anything and rocking to the flow of things.

  4. You can change the negative and bad energy into positive energy only changing your own attitude towards it, it is very hard to change people belief system, their habits, their thoughts, but comparatively you can change your own behavior and attitude very easily by change your thought patter ens and belief system, turning it from negative thinking into positive thinking. You can also change many negative situations by providing the Reiki energy, without attachments and ego threads.

  5. i heard this thing about positive thinking. u think positivly about evertyhign and somehow it sends out positive wave lengths..hece creating negative energy into positive.

  6. That’s a loaded question filled with unknown variables and ambiguity. Understanding the question can be more important than finding the answers. If you think of negative energy like external forces of an attacker, for instance, you can deflect it, absorb it, or counter it with positive energy. If its source is internal, you may need to recite a soothing mantra or focus on meditation or things that are positive in your life. You can turn wild anger into focused action. Focus on the solution rather than the problem. Relax, find your center and balance, count your blessings, and pick your battles wisely.

  7. I personally turn on happy music…like Bob Marley “Don’t worry, be Happy”, or the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”… and I stand in front of the mirror and smile at myself until I laugh at how ridiculous I’m acting. Then I tell myself that (whatever is bothering me) will be worse if I let it get me down. I think of how much worse it could be, and try to find a positive thing that has arisen from the incident or whatever…
    It’s not easy, but it works if you really truly want to be happy. I believe it easier to let negative bad energy make you sad. It is easier to wallow.

  8. think of something you could do that was better than what ever cuased th bad energy, so then it is like an entertainment only causeing thing becuase you would have to LEARN about “bad” things any way after death so look at it as a little sneek peek!


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