How does one tell the difference between spiritual guidance & the ego's need for control, certainty and power?

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{{{{{{{{ Much Love }}}}}}}}

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Inner wisdom. If I were to say much more I would be in error.


One is called church and the other is called politics but control is what they are both about


One will liberate you and one will imprison you. You are the one.
(((((much love)))))

Chunk of coal

If a person really knew the difference, it would probably boost
the ego even more.

squirt AM VA VT

With spirit there is no pride or vanity. With spirit, things simply are.


When it is simple joyful, has the peace that passes understanding, or is removed from a conditioned ego ‘instinct’
when it is of love not fear


What does your in-tuition tell you?

Hit Pig Pastor Kicker

too many competing ideas there to make a simple answer.
The ego’s need for control may or may not require certainty, nor power….
The ones giving spiritual guidance usually have a need for money.


fortunately for me, i do not understand this question. I think that might be the answer.


When one sees the Truth through Love, not desire

Muthu S

When my mind is calm like a lake without waves of DESIRE


Spirit brings acceptance. Ego brings conflict.


The ego’s advice always pertains to the betterment of ones own possition. The advice of the spiritual usually pertains to the betterment of others or society in general.-1-Love.


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