How does one stay SPIRITUALLY FIT in a crisis?

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I try not to worry; but, I know I am human. I have faith; but, sometimes I am fear-based. How can I “go through” a crisis and stay spiritually fit?
p.s. this question is geared towards believers and I am looking for spiritual guidance. However, if any non-believers have any advice on how they sustain themselves, I am open to their answers as well. Please, no rude comments. Thanks.

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First, pray in all circumstances believing your prayer will be answered.
2 Trust Jesus and obey Him
3 Read your Bible
4 Do not cease meeting with other Christians


Praying is what most people do.

That Canadian Guyâ„¢

I’d worry more about being physically fit and healthy…
Kenneth D- Classic brainwashing steps..nice.


the crisis is what MAKES you spiritually fit
it is through struggle and strife that our spirituality grows stronger
a butterfly is made stronger by it’s struggle to get out of the cacoon, so the same, we are made stronger because of our struggles
without our struggles, we would be spiritually crippled

Robert P



i think it would depend on the crisis. those with immediate danger and “surprise events” your faith will generally just take over. when it’s something long term – i’ve often needed to remind myself of my committment to God. i fail and i fail often but always try to remember that God is always with me. I wear my cross or other subtle reminder. sometimes it hits me – am i being an outward representative of Christ?! is what i’m doing or saying reflecting in my actions and words or just that cross hanging around my neck?! it’s not easy to stay focused some times. I keep special bible versus around. I get impatient while dirving around “stupid” drivers – i have a picture of the Divine Mercy image of Christ with the words – Jezu Ufam Tobie on the bottom — Jesus I Trust in Thee. It never fails – when i go to do something rude or unChristian like – i will notice the picture, not do the action and apologize to Jesus ; ) i’m sure that sounds very elementary but you asked and it’s what works for me.
God bless and strengthen you — always!

Captain "C" du CaLaCo

Prayer is the answer! the tougher the crises the more you need to pray. Worry is actually sin. God says in His Word “..if the sparrow has no thought of tomorrow then why should you…and again it says .. the lily of the field takes no thought of what it should wear…” so if God looks after the sparrow and the lily how much more does He care for you. I know – we all worry to a degree – I do not want to sound like Mr. perfect. Not so. However, I think worry is sinful. we ought not to worry. There are always time when your faith will not hold up as good as you would like. We often have little fears of things and that is natural.
Pray, Pray, Pray….Study Gods Word….Sing praises unto God…and worship in your private time. That is the advise I give for all who feel their faith is weak by times. the closer to God the more apt we are to hold up in crises mode.
God Bless you as you work on your weaknesses and bless you for recognizing them.


first of all what I learned when it was too late is that you have to take care of yourself on all levels. I ignored taking care of myself & I was concerned with my son. I had trouble sleeping & eating & ended up eating junk & not feeling I could move so I didn’t exercise. You must make sure you are taking care of your physical self….it was easy for me to stay spiritually fit. I call what I went through “the dark night of the soul” this is time when you just feel God has really left you but nothing you do works & all you end up having is God…my son died in 1999 but the crisis continued because we had so many hospital bills & I was so sick that I lost my job so it has been. I stayed spiritually fit because I noticed this divine something guiding my life even though & I just walked this path. I saw the crisis as a journey. I read so much & I have a spiritual group of people who are so wise. They are non-judgmental people so I loved that all they did was love me. So I ended up in this world where everything was spiritual. Now my problems is how to be integrate the spiritual with the physical. The spiritual part was easy for me cause I was a mystical intuitive child. I always felt so connected that when all this was going on I had faith cause as a child no one told me what to believe so I believed because of what spirit was doing in my life…I think it was easy for me because I am so skeptical & what I believed in made sense. I think many people get confused as to why things are happening. When I was younger I was told that if I was good things would be good so I was glad I was on a spiritual path that made sense. I don’t know what would have happened if I had been with a different group of people. My spiritual beliefs are very positive so if you don’t have a positive group that would be the first thing to go. My group is what kept me fit.


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