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How does one read auras?

My friend says she can read auras. She told me I had a lime green/ yellow aura, my animal was a cocatu (sp?), and my season is Spring. I don’t know if I believe her because she seeks attention a lot.

I was trying to read auras so that I could become skilled enough to read my own. I read that one method is to focus on the object behind whichever object you are trying to read the aura of. I think I may have gotten something.

I was looking and I started to see movement, almost like what you see above something very hot (ie. over barbecue grills, the background looks as if it is waving) except more subtle. Even smoke-like.

Basically, if you could help me read my aura, I would be grateful, and I ask that you don’t make fun of me.

Thank you!

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Chainlightning ⅜
Chainlightning ⅜

There is a million dollars waiting for you if you can simply prove it. If you can really see auras you may have a vision or brain disorder. I’d see a doctor. http://www.skepdic.com/randi.html One new age claim that has received a great deal of attention involves the notion that humans are surrounded by some sort of a glow or “field” that is invisible to all but gifted psychics. The aura is of variable size, quality, and color, and occurs mainly surrounding the head, according to the aura seers. The variables are said to be indications of character, health, and emotions.… Read more »

Ricky T
Ricky T

ok this is going to sound weird but i used to be able to do this before i was 10 like all the time. but only when i think about people with my eyes closed and see their image and when i dream about people plants and animals i would see rays of colors comeing off them and like warping the backgrounds stuff like buildings and cars. this would happen all the time but i only get em occationally now mabey two or 3 times every 6 months. and then didn’t give it no mind untill i met this girl… Read more »

sesame snap  ♥
sesame snap ♥

my friend told me the same thing, personally i think she was full of sh!t. she lies all the time so most likely she was liening, she is a taurus. she told me that she didnt pay attention to my aura, when i asked her what colour mine was. as you can tell she isnt my friend anymore. but being interested enough to believe her i was intrigued and wanted to kno more about what she ‘couldnt’ do really. its easiest to read them when the person stands in front of something white, as colours bounce off white. anyways here… Read more »

Miss 6
Miss 6

When I was in 9th grade I used to want to learn how to read auras too. I don’t know why I stopped looking into it. Anyhow I do remember reading a book by Ted Andrew(s) I know he has written books on the topic and you may find it helpful.

Best of luck to you.

** I found it on line for you here is the link: